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Voxoa Bluetooth Headphones

Voxoa Bluetooth Headphones

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Product Description
Sound pressure level: 108 dB Impedance: 64 Ohms Frequency response: 10Hz-20KHz Bluetooth 4.0 Embedded NFC technology AAC codec support Built-in aptX for CD quality audio streaming HD voice & Hands free Echo cancellation Battery Life: Battery capacity: 430 mAH Music play time: 16 Hours Charging time: 3 Hours Dimensions 176 / 165 / 32 mm 173 g Read More

Jan 10, 2014
Hey everyone, Happy to report that all the orders from the drop have been shipped out a week ahead of schedule! Thanks again for the support guys, and please feel free to share your experience of the headphones with the rest of the group afterwards. If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, just email us at :)
Jan 10, 2014
Hey everyone, We have submitted our order of 13 Voxoa headphones with Voxoa. Massdrop is a platform that helps members within the community shop together at wholesale pricing. It’s pretty incredible that we managed to get 13 people within the 7 days this drop had been active. Now that the bulk order has been placed, Voxoa is preparing the order for shipment. We are just waiting for confirmation on the shipment schedule from Voxoa now, we will be sure to update again here once that’s available. Cheers!
Jan 2, 2014
So I just realized the order form never asked for a color, but I see there's black/silver from the photos. Any idea what color we'll be getting?
herbyscrubI just included color options for Black and White.
By default if you've already bought a Voxoa, you're getting a Black one, but since the deal is still active, you can just go to the purchase page and change it to White if you'd like that instead.
What color would I be getting if this goes through with enough buyers?
Dec 30, 2013
These are not circumaural ("around ear") headphones. They are supra-aural ("on-ear/above-ear") headphones.
AnonymouseYou are absolutely correct.
Dec 29, 2013
Does this mean we could possibly get Voxoa DJ equipment?
Dec 28, 2013
These are actually pretty good headphones. $99 is a good price too.
However, the claim that others don't sound like it is false. I bought both the Voxoa and this headset (which is $50), and they sound exactly the same, with the same driver specs:
The only difference is the Voxoa has NFC, and the other does not.
Dec 28, 2013
bhazard451How does this hold up to headphones in the same price range? And how do you feel about the microphone quality?
Can you upload a sound file of you speaking into one?
Jan 2, 2014
bhazard451Does there seem to be any difference in build quality? That's interesting that you're paying double for NFC essentially if they sound the same.
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