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xDuoo X3 II Digital Audio Player

xDuoo X3 II Digital Audio Player

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Product Description
The successor to the popular xDuoo X3, the X3 II digital audio player upgrades the DAC chip and adds a 2.4-inch IPS screen, all while retaining some of the unique features that set the X3 apart—including the dual microSD slots and two 3.5-millimeter outputs. This version uses the highly regarded AK4490 DAC chip, paired with an OPA1652 and LMH6643 chip configuration for the headphone amplifier Read More

Customer Reviews

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100% would recommend to a friend
Jun 29, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Good sounding reliable ultra portable music player
I ordered this unit nearly five years ago, 18 August 2018. It arrived in due time (allowing for shipping to Canada), but for whatever reason never showed up in Drop's records as being received. Earlier this year (2023) I noticed that and marked it received, and today got a prompt to review it. And as it turns out, I still get a lot of use out of this player, I'm happy to share my experiences. First, the sound - I would say it's ever so slightly midrange-forward and a bit light in the bass. Turns out this profile works particularly well with my Drop HE5XX headphones, which are plenty sensitive for the unit as well. Also very good with my Shure 235 and Etymotic ER3SE IEMs. I bought this mainly for use during long segments of air travel, and it's been great for that; plenty of oomph with IEMs whose seal helps cut the engine noise. Really nothing to quibble with sound wise especially given the price. Functionality-wise, more than enough, with one caveat - the bluetooth does not work well with Toyota Camry bluetooth (three times in different rental cars). Our own car does not have bluetooth so this is not an issue for me. Lots of choice for slow/fast rolloff, low/high gain, linear/random playback, defining playlists, and so on. The buttons, going on five years old, show no signs of wearing out. The screen is small - the unit is small! - and not great in full sunlight, which is a minor irritation - but plenty sharp and easy to read. The English menus are fine, a couple of minor typos in the latest software update but nothing confusing. Nice to have the line-out separate from the headphones out; occasionally when travelling I will plug into someone else's stereo... I currently use a 512GB MicroSD with no problems. 98%+ of my music files are FLAC and a significant proportion of those are higher-than-CD resolution, with no problems there. I get a lot of playback time between charges - how much? not sure exactly but maybe 8-10 hours? Needs a USB-C cable, can also have music transferred to it by USB and interestingly the USB port can be set to DAC mode to bypass the AKM4490 for an external DAC. In summary, yes I like it a lot, yes I would buy it again, yes I would recommend it. Awesome price!!! Maybe Drop will bring it, or a newer sibling, back again.
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Mar 27, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
10/10 Long lasting and work really well
I had bought this audio player for a while it always deliver. Solid construction base with tactile button. In addition, the connection to bluetooth is wonderfully manage through its internal software. If you use it as a table dac for your PC, it would be a great addition to your set up.
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Jun 22, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Good for what it does
Works on most IEMS, they're not typically hard to drive. Kind of slow and unintuitive, but very fair performance-wise for the value.
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Mar 4, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
My first non-Apple digital music player.
Excellent build quality, operation and sound. Best price I've seen for this player.
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Feb 27, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Good little DAP!! Great for casual, sports or car music!
I bought this DAP to use primarily as a semi permanent attachment to my cars stereo, it delivered good sound quality and reasonable ease of use, I had been using an iBasso DX160, large difficult to use touch screen while on the move. Only two drawbacks are controls somewhat awkward, maybe it a matter of getting used to them and no TIDAL access, otherwise great solution for my need!! I would recommend it, specially for the price point!
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Feb 22, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great little DAP
I've been wanting to play flacs on the go, and this seemed to be a great entry-level DAP for that task. Audio sounds pretty good, and I'm happy with it for the price. The only cons that I can think of are that the UI could be a little more intuitive, and that you can't premake playlists; they have to be done by hand on the DAP.
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Nov 15, 2020
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Nice sounding entry level DAP
If you are looking for a solid entry level DAP then this is worth your consideration. Great sound and solid build are on tap. The interface is intuitive and quick. Its not an Android player so you won't be able to add any apps but its a nice purpose built audio player. The battery life is quite good and should last an entire day. The only down side is that my aging eyes have a hard time seeing the smallish text but that's not really a fault of the player. This is a good buy in my opinion.
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Feb 14, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I got this as an upgrade to the Colorfly C3. I was expecting better sound quality than the C3 owing to the use of the AK4490 DAC; I was disappointed. The soundstage is lacking and the sound signature is less pleasing (to me), w.r.t. the C3. It is, however, significantly more continent (due to the screen and improved HMI) and feature packed than the C3.
Feb 2, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
This was an excellent purchase for a great price! The player has good sound quality that even stands out on a pair of $5 headphones. It is easy to upload new music via an SD card. The user interface is a little outdated with modern technology, but it is simple enough to understand.
Dec 5, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
An excellent player, the sound quality is very good and there's enough power to drive even demanding headphones. The only drawback is that there's no good way to make/label playlists either in advance or on the go.
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