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Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp

Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp

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Product Description
The Yulong DA9 combines a DAC, a powerful class A headphone amplifier, and a high-current preamp in one high-end, fully balanced unit. The DAC supports DoP64 and DoP128, and up to 384kHz/24bit PCM and native DSD256 Read More

Customer Reviews

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Apr 12, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Sometimes, a leap of faith pays off. In the case of this DAC/Amp, it paid off quite beautifully. I had wanted a good class A amp and full featured DAC to drive the headphones I own (Sennheiser 6 and 8 series) using a balance output. A number of comments in the discussion section were agnostic along with a typical smattering of snark and “God, don’t you wish you had my shit” or “If you were only half as particular as me you would be twice as particular as your are.” Nevertheless, after reading and watching various reviews and looking at the Yulong web site, I decided this what I was looking for in enough respects to drop the cash. It was a good decision. Feeding it my lossless source material through my MacPro tower, a VOX music player, and an AU unit graphic 30 band equalizer (all flat on all material so far, so most of the time it is removed from the path unless I want to see if tweaks are beneficial) the 800S and 650 sing. The Yulong’s sound shaping options are very subtle and I have had no reason to change them from flat and sharp (fast). Give it 30 min to get warm and the amp and DAC are lovely. I listen to a fairly eclectic range of music and this unit has done well with everything from Fripp to Gregorian Chant to Coltrane to Mahler. Michael Brecker is so amazing and listening to his tenor’s fat sound is incredible. Sound stage and spacial location are excellent, the timbre of the instruments that I am very familiar with are faithfully reproduced (I was a concert and jazz saxophonist for a period of time) and the unit drives the headphones without any effort at very loud volumes very cleanly. I don’t enjoy fatiguing my ears, so I rarely listen to really loud music, but Pink and RTF are both pretty fun when they are loud. In sum, a very nice unit and well worth (to me, of course) the not insignificant sum of $850.
Apr 12, 2019
TzamazMuddy Waters album Folk Singer blew my mind on the DA9. Great little unit.
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