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Jun 30, 2017
The advanced m4s have a lot of hype surrounding them and it is for good reason. Now, I am not an audiophile by any means and I simply use these earbuds with my Nexus 6p and my PS4. Nothing special. I will leave my honest review of these earbuds and answer as many questions as I would have about these.
Sound The sound of these earbuds could be described as clear. I don't know anything about frequencies and what not but the music sounds clear. It is not warm and I don't think it muffles the highs or lows. You can hear everything. These are one of those earbuds that you can hear new instruments on. Music is very pure to say the least. One area that they "lack" in is bass. Now I use quotes because bass is very subjective. If you like to listen to some hype shit with lots of bass like Travis Scott and the like these are not for you. They have respectable base tbh. if you listen to a variety of music ranging from all genres, I would recommend these earbuds because they pretty much hit all the boxes.
Build Quality I think this is what really sets these earbuds apart. In a world of mediocre apple earpods and Skullcandy earbuds, the adv sound m4 are visually striking. The aluminum housing is very slim and attractive, but are very small. Smaller than expected in my experience. What really stands out is the braided cord. It's different and interesting and it catches people's eye. I have had people grab the cable just to feel it. These really do not tangle up as advertised. These earbuds are basically indestructible. The housing is very sturdy and I don't believe I could break them. It has an l shape connection with lots of plastic and those things that bend. Hasn't broken on me yet. On eartips I use the complys which provide a great seal. As far as the other tips go they seem to be made of a respectable material not cheap plastic. They have a lot variety. Like 4 sets I believe. The carrying case is pretty big though and I don't see my self using it since the earbuds are pretty cheap.
Conclusion The flaws of the m4 are non existent. There is nothing inherently wrong with these earbuds. They are good. They are above average. You will not be disappointed by the price you pay. Keep your expectations in check though. These are not God tier or anything like that. They are simply good. That is all they need to be.
Please feel free to ask questions on the product.
Jun 30, 2017
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