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Topping MX5 Headphone and Speaker Amplifier

Topping MX5 Headphone and Speaker Amplifier

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Product Description
Topping’s reputation precedes it when it comes to headphone amps—and while many of the brand’s desktop units feature outputs designed for some speaker preamp functionality, the MX5 is a true dual-function powerhouse that can drive a full setup. First, the audio operation is run by an ESS Sabre Hi-Fi DAC alongside both an XMOS XU208 and Qualcomm QCC3031 processor for top-tier quality and conversation Read More

In the Specs, Drop states that the MX5's Balanced TRS and SE RCA are Outputs. This is false. They are Inputs. This unit's only outputs are its speaker terminals and headphone jack.

Dec 11, 2023
What's the power adapter ? Does this also come with UK 240V ?
Dec 13, 2023
FocaltripThis only comes with a U.S. plug
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