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Jul 1, 2015
Got mine today in Western Kentucky. First headphones since Koss Pro4A in the seventies. Have been more speaker oriented currently B&W 704 driven by Anthem MRX300. Last few years started using ETY ER4PTs with my iPhone. Ok sound but when I got iFi nano iDSD last week the ER4s came alive and the right channel quit. I've just been enjoying the music tonight. Not sure my 50+ years could tell you more about the sound then you already know. I do know they pass the foot taping test. Years ago I was auditioning three pairs of speakers. The store set them up in a listening room so that the chair was in the sweet spot of all them. Had me set with my eyes closed and just told me if they were playing a, b, or c . Then he asked me to tell him which ones I liked. When I told him, he showed me he had written them down as the ones I would pick. I asked him how he knew. He said he watched me and that each time those speakers played I would tap my foot to the music and when he switched I would stop. Yes my foot has been taping tonight!
Jul 1, 2015
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