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iFi audio ZEN DAC Signature

iFi audio ZEN DAC Signature

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With a sleek form factor, solid build, and stellar sound, iFi audio’s ZEN DAC is one of the most talked-about USB DAC/amps on the market today. Now we're taking the conversation further with the ZEN DAC Signature Read More

iFi Audio
Jul 16, 2020
Hey all, this is Julie from iFi. Hoping to help shed a little light for you to hopefully help with some of your queries with the differences between the ZEN DAC and the premium version, ZEN DAC Signature. The ZEN CAN Signature is a hot-rodded machine. We have done the same for the ZEN DAC. So we made the ZEN DAC Signature. Both are maxed to the hilt when partnering the HD6XX.  The key differences between the two are: Upgraded premium parts (see pcb highlights):   Sanyo Oscons and   Elna Silmics and   Panasonic capacitors 
With what's included in the box, see as follows:
UPDATED!!! This now includes the iPOWER X!!!! The iPOWER also feeds a very quiet power supply (normally sold as a separate item).

iPOWER measurement methodology and results here:    We hope this helps to shed some light on our approach. Sonic differences?  Our Chief Designer Thorsten Loesch said, "a good comparison would be a standard Marantz (SA)CD-Player and a KI version”.  I hope this is some help to answering some of your queries, we are a friendly bunch at iFi and will do all we can to answer your questions! I promise we are listening to you and taking your comments on board. Oh and also, click this link to take you through to our thread on Head-fi where we haves started releasing the full Tech details for both products, for those that want to delve a little deeper. Thanks, Jules
Apr 6, 2021
iFiaudio.comHi Julie. As a UK based company, can you explain why it is cheaper for customers in UK to buy your products from a US site and import them, than simply buying in the UK? UK pricing is around 40% greater than US pricing, meaning anything above $140 is cheaper to import...
SDK1Hi SDK1, thanks for the question. The UK prices are inclusive of VAT but the US prices do not include US taxes- they are added at checkout. Hope that helps?
Sep 28, 2021
Will a stack of Ifi Zen Dac v2 and Ifi zen can (not the signature stack) be available on Drop? This stack is more affordable to the signature stack.
Aug 11, 2021
This needs to be upgraded to full decoder like zen dac v2.
May 31, 2021
I would rather lose the fancy DC power supply (that if you are connecting to a headphone amp, you probably don't need [and I would argue is probably snake oil anyway]) and the DAC be $50 cheaper on Drop. I guess I'll just get one off Amazon.
May 7, 2021
Hello, thinking about purchasing this for my IEMs. I understand that this mates well with CAN sig, but no 6XX and cousins in my collection. I need a knob to control the volume. Can I use the 4.4 balanced outlet, and go directly to my IEMs? (and still have the volume control?) I am currently using Micro IDSD BL, with firmware upgrade for MQA..... and everything is fine. I am fond of iFi products...was wondering if the above mentioned connection is possible, and if there's any significant improvements in SQ.
May 6, 2021
How's this compared to a Topping DX3 pro? Looking for a small desktop solution
Oh hey, another drop where the price on Amazon is identical and they can have it at my door tomorrow. Seriously, what's the point? Oh, and the tiny cable they want $89 for here is $69 (nice) on Amazon. It can also be here tomorrow. Still ridiculous at either price but come on, give me a reason to use this site!
Mar 10, 2021
I'm curious about the behavior of this unit when connecting it to the matching amp and to powered monitors which don't have volume control (genelec g2 'rca'). From what I read on another comment it seems that in order to get the volume control I would need to use the variable mode. How wonky is this going to be with volume levels between using headphones and the monitors. Is there a way to bypass one or the other? Would it just be easier to use a 4.4 balanced to rca covnerter to get variable volume control to the monitors or am I just making the solution much more expensive than just disconnecting my headphones. Thanks to anyone who answers.
May 1, 2021
horus1309Selling with free shipping :
Mar 9, 2021
Why is the ac adapter valued at $100? Aren't these usually $20-30 tops for one that's well made? I bought the ZenDac and it didn't include the ac adapter. It's being powered off of my computer's USB port. No issues, sounds great.
Jun 1, 2021
I had an iFi Nano Black Label and it didn't sound very nice to me (bloated bass, undefined treble) so maybe it left a "meh" impression for me. But as you said most reviews raved on the Zen Dac so maybe it's worthwhile to give them another chance in the future. Also now that you mention it, I wonder what iFi is short for. It's a bit confusing like FiiO lol.
Aug 9, 2021
HydeI would suppose that the name "iFi" derived from "Hi-Fi".
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