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CEntrance DACport Slim - Massdrop Exclusive

CEntrance DACport Slim - Massdrop Exclusive

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Product Description
When CEntrance brought the DACport Slim to our attention in 2014, we couldn’t wait to have a listen. And once we had a listen, we couldn’t wait to get it in front of the Audiophile Community Read More

Customer Reviews

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75% would recommend to a friend
Nov 28, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
The 3.5mm slot gave up, no sound. I opened it up, can't see any visible damage, except if I push the 3.5mm port upwards, it seems to work mostly fine. Another quality control issue. Plus back in the day the drivers gave so much pain. Just leaving a review in case this POS is revived as a 50$ alternative to onboard desktop sounds. Still not worth it.
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Sep 9, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Does the job, while complaining
Heats up to inform me that I am pushing too hard, nothing special does the job.
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May 28, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Was good
Did the job
Apr 29, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Great portable AMP / DAC
I've had this for 4 years and the USB port on it broke. Great product that has treated me well for a long time. Thousands of hours of music and games through this little thing and am sad that it gave out.
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Jul 20, 2020
Yes I do I still have not been able to use it!
Jul 20, 2020
I'm looking for something different? that little Amp is too powerful? For the cheep wallmart headsets!
Apr 20, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Decent product
It works great and provides ample amount of power for my cans. The only thing that concerns me a bit is that it gets too hot when plugged even if my PC is turned off. A good and slim DAC, nevertheless.
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Apr 18, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Gets very hot
When plugged to the usb, it gets very hot. Because of that, the internal component of the minijack port got desoldered twice. The sound is good, and it has enough power to drive HD6xx.
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Apr 14, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
It drove my HD650s with power and performance that the Gustard H10 struggled to keep up with. There's another version of this product here on massdrop (the Dacport HD) and I can blindly recommend that for the price. I would recommend this product over the said Gustard too, which it humiliated IMO. It has plenty of oomph and slighty v signature but it makes music more fun to listen to especially if you have neutral headphones. Quality product - 5 stars.
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Feb 4, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Overall, I think this is a bit of an upgrade in sound from my NuForce Icon uDAC-2, which seemed to have a bad pot or something on the volume, and would need to be reset on occasion because it'd just stop working. Also, the uDAC seemed to have bad left/right balance issues sometimes. It is still working fine, but, for the price, I kind of wish I had bought something with more driving power and specifically meant to sit on a desk, as I use this on the desktop at work. Cons:
  • Volume control. It is nearly impossible to use without moving the amp all over the desk. I never know which way is volume up or down because of poor labeling.
  • Jack: The headphone jack and usb jack don't seem to be mounted quite right - the USB cord angles up. The headphone adapter sort of angles up and to the right as well.
  • Occasionally needs to be unplugged, or gets weird artifacts. I'm not sure what this is about.
  • Seems alright enough at driving my Audiotechnica ATH-M40fs headphones, but I doubt it could drive anything much more demanding.
Mar 15, 2019
SagaciousBYou might have gotten a bad unit. Mines drives the Sennheiser HD 660 s and the HD 650s just fine. I also haven't had any of the issues you described.
Jan 9, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I have used it for about 2 years. Still working fine. Lots of power for this little device.
Nov 8, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
This little DAC/Amp combo has a lot of power for it's small factor size. I will not feed you guys with any BS about how "magical" it sounds. As far as I can detect, no distortion is audible. However there are no measurements of that either, so I could be (very) wrong. There is one issue with it, though: the noise floor is way to high. Using with high impedance/low sensitivity headphones, no problem. Both my HD 650 and Fostex T50RP have enough juice and I can't hear the noise. When switching to my sensitive IEMs, I can hear the noise floor quite loudly in high gain and even some of it in low gain (when there is no music). This is really frustrating!
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