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In the world of mechanical keyboard switches, no name is bigger than Cherry—and right at the top of the Cherry catalogue are Cherry MX Red switches. This version of the popular gaming switch takes an already quiet design and renders it virtually noiseless, courtesy of patented rubber damping pieces inside each switch. Perfect for offices and environments where noise might be a nuisance, Cherry MX Silent Red RGBs maintain the smooth linear feel of the original switches. Available here in a 70-, 90-, or 110-count pack, these sought-after switches are ready to outfit any board in your collection.

Note: At checkout, choose a pack of 70 (base price), 90 (+ $10), or 110 (+ $20) switches.

Cherry MX Silent Red RGB Switches
Cherry MX Silent Red RGB Switches
Cherry MX Silent Red RGB Switches
Cherry MX Silent Red RGB Switches


  • Cherry
  • Linear switch characteristics
  • 45 cN operating force
  • 1.9 mm pre travel
  • 3.7 mm total travel
  • Silent


Estimated ship date is Sep 23, 2021 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. Cancellations are accepted up to 2 hours after checkout, after which all sales final.

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Soft and Silent
silent, smooth! Love these guys!
Shhh... silent reds
Nice quality
First bought switches
Cherry Mx silent reds! Love em!
Silent Reds with o-rings (for extra silence)
Silent as can be.
Silent Reds on K-type
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