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Cherry MX Switch Tester

Cherry MX Switch Tester

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Sep 1, 2016
can we bring this back?
Oct 19, 2015
The black switch in mine just falls out. It doesn't click in place like the others.
Mar 7, 2015
This might be late but if your keycaps are touching the screws you probably installed it wrong (especially if you think installation was a PITA), the switches should just be pressed in from the top so they clip in not the bottom ;)
Jan 16, 2015
Mine is not good either. They stupidly have put screws on the items surface resulting in not being able to fully press down the key because the keycap is touching the screw head. It was my first mass drop buy and I was very very dissapointed. Bad product, took too long to arrive. At least I have all the cherry switches, so I got at least that goin' for me, which is nice...
Dec 3, 2014
Really, truly, terrible. It took way too long to arrive. The quality is extremely low. None of the switches sit flat, the keycaps get stuck on the two protruding screws and it's a pain in the ass to put together.
Nov 27, 2014
Received mine earlier today and just assembled it. My blue switch seems to be defective; it doesn't click. Other than that, assembly was rather straightforward and it's a nice trinket to have on my desk.
Nov 26, 2014
This product is much lower quality than I expected, especially for the price. It took over two months to arrive, required full assembly, the parts don't fit together well, and the keys don't work consistently because the switches wobble and shift around. To make things worse, the Cherry MX Red switch included with my order is defective. I have requested a return and refund.
We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out! A few orders don't have tracking yet, but it will be uploaded shortly.
Thanks again for the support guys. Make sure to share your experience with the Cherry MX Switch Tester on Massdrop.
If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at
These arrived today! Our warehouse team is busy breaking down the bulk order and getting these readied for individual reshipment. We will update the group when everything is on the way.
Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 11/21 or sooner if something comes up.
Nov 18, 2014
I find it disappointing that despite ordering ~2 months before this drop ended ( I'll probably get my key tester within a day or two of them and for some reason I also get to pay more for that privilege. As a result my attitude toward drops has gone from 'Somebody take my money' to a careful analysis of options, sales, local vendors and trade-offs. This has made me wonder what the value proposition of Massdrop is in a lot of cases.
Would not recommend.
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