CJRB Rampart D2 Folding Knife
CJRB Rampart D2 Folding Knife
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Wharncliffe blades have had a recent revival. Delivering versatility, strength, and precision, they make a great choice for everyday cutting tasks Read More

Jun 26, 2020
Is anyone else's detent extremely tight? I have to use the joint on my finger to flip it open and use a lot of force. Is this something that will wear down? It makes an audible sound when I open it with two hands (the ball on the lock slipping from the hole in the blade).
Jul 1, 2020
Mine was a touch loose for my taste, I tightened it. These are easy to take apart, bend the liner lock a touch and reassemble.
May 23, 2020
I was looking for a new cheap every day carry pocket knife, and saw this. I loved the copper version, but this drop didn't have it. I found it on another site for the same price, and got it in just a few days. The knife itself is awesome for the price.
May 16, 2020
Copper option is gorgeous. CJRB is one of the best names in budget knives, so I’m confident in receiving a nice blade.
May 16, 2020
I'd rather just spend the few extra dollars and order from BladeHQ. I'd get it faster and they're way less likely to cancel on me.
Sep 7, 2020
Yeah, I was doing comparisons, and found the same.
Apr 9, 2020
Ok, so I’ll just assume here that DROP has no customer service, whatsoever. Still no answer as to where the copper option is, DON’T WORRY, I found it on knifecenter.com
Apr 9, 2020
Drop has a habit of reusing the exact same webpages when they revive a sale to continue to get rid of unsold inventory. So the original, first sale run of the CJRB Rampart included a copper option. Evidently they sold out of their stock of copper versions, and have reused the same listing text, even while changing/removing the copper choice in the drop down box. I managed to get a copper one on the first sale here, and it’s nice, but for those that haven’t handled a knife with copper scales, they are much heavier than the G-10 versions. It may not bother someone, but they should consider the weight issue before ordering one. As you found, there are are a number of other sites carrying the copper version for immediate shipment. Also, Smoky Mountain Knife Works has all the Rampart models in stock righ now (copper, carbon fiber, gray, black) at good prices. I just picked up a gray version for only $2 more than here with immediate shipment. My desire for shopping on Drop and waiting a month or more for products is fading fast, especially when the products are available elsewhere for virtually the same price and immediate shipment.
May 15, 2020
Thats something I’ve always found curious with drop. If you don’t carry an inventory, and you order from the manufacturer according to customer orders, why do subsequent drops often appear to have unsold merchandise from the previous drops? The manufacturer couldn’t make any more of the good stuff in the meantime? They couldn’t dump what drop didn’t buy somewhere else in the meantime?
Apr 6, 2020
I know its pretty obvious that this knife is not a drop point or even remotely close to one but it would be nice to have to correct description thanks
Apr 5, 2020
wheres the copper option, doesnt show in drop down box.... copper is an option on the description...
Apr 6, 2020
Same question
Feb 29, 2020
I never got the shipping email, but the Rampart was in my mailbox today. Good luck to everyone else waiting.
Mar 1, 2020
I got the knife today...well...I got someone's knife today. Ordered the carbon fiber, received the grey G-10. Just a bit upset.
Apr 12, 2020
It’s prolly mine cuz I ordered the grey and with my luck with drop I’ll get yours. And no surprise, don’t have it yet
Feb 28, 2020
Email today: Your CJRB Rampart D2 Folding Knife has shipped and should be arriving soon. (Est. arrival on Monday, March 2, 2020 per USPS tracking)
Feb 19, 2020
From Drop support today: "We're experiencing a delay with the vendor in getting these units shipped out. We anticipate that these will be shipped before March 7th, 2020. Once the item is picked up and scanned by the courier, you will receive an email with tracking information. I understand this situation is not ideal. I can offer you a prepaid return label and when you receive the unit, you can send it back to us for a full refund. This is an alternative solution since I am unable to offer a cancellation right away due to the fact that this launch is dropship (vendor ships directly to customer) and the customers' orders have already been sent over to the vendor."
Feb 19, 2020
"Anticipate". Start your PayPal dispute and escalate claim.
Feb 26, 2020
Meh anything I order from DROP i treat like aliexpress; order, forget about, then its like a little surprise when it actually comes in.
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Sep 27, 2020