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Custom Art
Aug 13, 2018
Hi, Thank you all for participating in the drop! Customers who selected universal fit : Please send us email to if you would like to make any changes to your order or simply to confirm the order details. If we don't receive any word from you the order will be manufactured exactly to selected specification at the check out. Customers who selected custom fit: For ear impressions - please follow the instructions here: once you have your molds done we recommend that you send pictures of your ear impression to for evaluation first - that way if there's any problem with molds we can let you know right away and spare you costs and time. We also ask you to send us email to confirm your order details and let us know of any changes that you'd like to make to your order. When shipping molds from outside EU it's important that you put value on the package as low as $10 otherwise the package might get stuck at customs and we are not responsible for any import charges. Address for sending ear impressions: Custom Art Litewska 5/9 00-589 Warszawa Poland As stated in drop description the cut of for sending ear impressions is 3 weeks after the drop! If you fail to ship the impressions on time, your order will be cancelled by Massdrop and money refunded. Turnaround - as of this moment around 5-6weeks from the moment of receiving ear impressions in our lab (in case of Universals from the end of the drop). Turnaround is subject to change as it depends on our work load. Thank you again for being part of this drop! Piotr
Aug 13, 2018
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