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Mar 27, 2016
I'll start by saying that I've had zero problems with this amplifier and it sounds very good with Beyer dt150 and Senn Hd600 headphones because they are high impedance. It sounds alright with Grado and Audio Technica headphones but because they are low impedance (32-38ohm) some of the musical information becomes indistinct. The DV was terrible with my Mad Dog Pros (50ohm). This becomes obvious when you switch between high and low impedance phones on the fly. As a preamplifier, the DV is crap. The appj 1502 is a good allrounder but not quite as refined sounding as the DV, definitely a good amp though. To summarise, stick with 250ohm + headphones, maybe sample a few different tubes and enjoy what is a really lovely sounding and visually appealing amplifier.
Mar 27, 2016
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