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Dekoni Audio Foam Attenuation Kit

Dekoni Audio Foam Attenuation Kit

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When it comes to high-end headphones, detail, clarity, and response tend to be among the top considerations. And while a high level of crispness can offer incredible precision, it can also come with some harsh high-end and sibilance Read More

Jun 12, 2021
These are probably the same as the precut dampeners that came with Drop Dan Clark Aeon Open X. I'd probably get this for my HD700 if I didn't already get the mod for it. The only problem I have with these is they should've included the dimensions (I could not find the info anywhere on this page) or at least put something in the included pictures as a frame of reference to know how big these really are. It would be really nice if one could make multiple cut-outs from these.
Jul 13, 2021
zinv295For something the size of a 6xx you need about 2/3 of each piece per cut out
Jun 12, 2021
Next item Dekoni will sell is: "Dekoni Air" - different types of air in plastic bags to fill your closedback headphones and it will cost $100, LOL!
Jun 13, 2021
I never criticized you. I simply think Dekoni products are overpriced...a lot!
Jun 14, 2021
Mine was missing all but the white one notch.
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