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Dekoni Audio Headphone Savior Case V2

Dekoni Audio Headphone Savior Case V2

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Product Description
The second generation of the Dekoni Audio Headphone Savior case brings the same excellent build quality of the original—plush padding and sharp design—and builds on it with even more versatility. Notable changes include thicker padding and more removable compartments for extra customization—making for an interior that’s perfect for protecting your high-end headphones, as well as your cables, adapters, and even your DAC Read More

Jun 15, 2022
Looking forward to using this while moving across the country to transport different headphone equipment. Hopefully it can fit my Beyer DT770s without pushing against the start of the wire from the cans since the cord is not detachable, but worst case i can use it for my 6xxs and detach the cable for a good fit
shefoundnowShould be deep enough that you can angle the headphone at almost 45°, so that the cable exit is pointing towards a corner of the case while the cups rest on the bottom. If not… you could also Velcro the divider so the cups rest on that, leaving the cable to stick out to the side of the divider.
Jul 18, 2023
shefoundnowHow did you go? Were the dt770’s an ok fit?
Jun 15, 2022
Lower price with free shipping and full warranty on Amazon! Isnt Drop GREAT!!!😂🤣😂😂

May 25, 2022
So, correct me if I’m missing something, but it looks as though the main changes over the V.1 are a 1-inch/3cm increase in height, more padding, and a removable compartment for DAP/amp/else storage. Height increase is a good change as that was my main complaint with the V.1. For the enterprising folks who get this, I have two questions for you: what are you using or going to use that removable compartment for? How well does it work for your use cases?
Jun 19, 2022
Re: 1), Yeah, the photos and description don’t really give a good sense of what’s changed compartment wise. Does the OG have two compartments? I’m going to confess, I was only aware of the one, but if it’s Velcro’d to the bottom, that might make a difference. The description says “more removable compartments” and then offers examples, such as a DAC, which may find utility in the space. So, does this mean there are 3 removable compartments with Gen 2? Again, super difficult to tell from the photos here. Re: 2), That’s an incredibly helpful comment. I linked it in a reply to the other person who was mentioning cameras in this thread. Thank you for sharing! Between you and Rowdy2026, I think I’m 100% going to recommend this 2nd Gen product to a coworker who was mentioning difficulties in carrying lenses last week. Both yours and Rowdy2026’s comments are quite well-timed in that respect. Thank you!
VictorfabiusI used to do contract work for Dekoni until around 2020 (work tapered off during the pandemic); one of my favorite videos I did for them was about the original Savior: In the V1, there’s the see-through webbing zippered pouch on the underside of the lid, the big main compartment (which came with two Velcro dividers), & a front zippered pocket. Honestly, that was already a pretty flexible arrangement, so I wouldn’t be mad if all I needed was a taller case and that’s all they changed 🤷‍♂️ Please keep in mind, the Micro 4/3rds interchange lens system’s biggest advantage is that their lenses are smaller than “full-frame” and APS-C lenses… as many APS-C lenses are just film lenses adapted to new mounts, many of them are much larger or even twice as big as a M4/3rds lens. But… the V2 bag is deeper, so I imagine even a 70-200mm (with a modest f/stop speed) APS-C/FF lens would fit, BUT I don’t know for sure if a lens that long would take up enough space to also carry a camera body. As you might imagine, Dekoni saw camera bags and thought: “This might make a better case than those Slappa hard shells [that we have been using at trade shows].” So they commissioned the project from a camera bag maker, but ordered it to be changed with THICKER padding and custom dimensions. I don’t know if Dekoni is still selling the V1, but two size options is nice. I appreciate that Dekoni enabled me to listen to a lot of headphone brands like the Audeze LCD3 and Focal Elear, which they shipped to me protected in the V1 case, and the V1 was big enough for most headphones while still working as a sort of “padded packing cube” at the bottom of my larger travel backpack. I had to angle the Elear to fit, and I wouldn’t expect a larger HiFiman with the “cyberman” headband to fit the V1, buuuut if the V2 is much bigger I might not be able to fit it horizontally inside my backpack - potential trade-off there. I still have two of the V1 cases, if you would like me to photograph some arrangement of the case, though keep in mind Dekoni doesn’t pay me/have a working relationship with me anymore (I’m working for grell audio!).
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