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Elemento PBT DCS Keycap Set

Elemento PBT DCS Keycap Set

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Product Description
Featuring black PBT keycaps appointed with black legends, the Elemento keyset boasts a sleek aesthetic originally made famous by Topre keyboards. But the Elemento’s mod kits are what truly make this set unique Read More

Apr 14, 2018
I'd like to see this one too +1!
May 24, 2017
Just adding my +1 since I'd love to see a DCS set.
Please update the child kits to make more sense like already discussed (DC kit, 1-2 color sub kits, etc).
Jan 9, 2016
I want this back :c
Oct 17, 2015
@Lyqu1d Are you for totally set on using DCS as the profile? What stopped me from joining this set was simply that in addition to alphas, mods, and other novelties, I would have also had to get a Dvorak kit which runs the risk of not even meeting the minimum MOQ because we are a small subculture of an already small subculture, and when the Dvorak/Colemak packs are separated it makes each one more difficult to reach MOQs. I would much rather the kits get made and have to pay more and get Colemak keys which would be useless to me than not get it at all. I believe when I tried adding all the kits I would need to my cart while the drop was running to get an estimate of price it was about $220.
This long-winded speech aside, what I'm getting at is I totally admire your desire to run a DCS set when the market is clearly much more in favor of SA and DSA sets right now. But perhaps because of your desire for this set to be a mix-and-match as-you-like-it sort of set, a non-sculpted profile of DSA or SA row 3 would be more accommodating. I know SA would be unlikely because you would like to use PBT, but that still leaves dye-sub DSA as a possibility.
DSA would be forgiving to the Dvorak/Colemak users, allow even more customization with the caps, and is much more sought-after than DCS sets right now. That said, please do attempt to get this set ran again regardless of how you might modify it because I really think it's worth making.
As another note, on the whole individual colors thing, I'm no expert at getting a keyset produced but for example, the current "color packs" is five different child deals each with their own MOQ. Wouldn't it make more sense to run two child deals like this? (picture linked at bottom of post)
I also agree with @LeandreN that the Quartz set on PMK has great dividing of child deals (except $25 for extra homing keys, not really sure what that's all about).
Oct 16, 2015
please add a black 7u spacebar! :D
Oct 16, 2015
I want to buy an Alphas set only, but read some discussion This drop will be rebooted ...right? when can I buy Alphas set?
Oct 15, 2015
Glad to hear the news, and thanks for the effort.
Based on a lot of the feedback we’ve gotten here in the discussion we’re going to take this drop down for now and give it a reboot. We’re working with mito/liquid to break up some of the packs and rebuild some new ones in a more desirable way for the community. This should make things more affordable for those of you looking for a clean black on black set while still giving the optionality of adding the color kits if you want to do so.
Other changes might also happen based on some things we’ve read or things that make sense as we work through fixing the current packs so stay tuned for any further interest checks as things progress.
Thanks everyone for all the valuable feedback and we’ll see you all soon.
Oct 15, 2015
Hello everyone!
After a conversation with our Massdrop agents, I received permission to redesign the group buy. College started yesterday and I'm a bit busy, so it will take (very) few weeks for us to have everything set up correctly and available for purchase again.
I will make new child deals under a new division, having in mind that everyone need their stuff cheap yet customizable.
It will take some time but should happen very soon, I don't want to mention a date to prevent anxiety and I don't want to rush the project. We will need new quotes from the manufacturer.
I'm very sorry for this and I hope you understand the circumstances. I appreciate the support of all of you guys, we will make this happen.
Stand by!
Oct 14, 2015
Honestly, I would really love to see this set succeed. If it takes a second to regroup, do it!
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