Final Heaven III IEMs - Massdrop Exclusive

Final Heaven III IEMs - Massdrop Exclusive

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Product Description
Designed to deliver a true concert-hall experience, the Final Heaven III IEMs are equipped with custom balanced armature drivers, slim stainless steel housings, and a matte black finish unique to this model. Inside, the special BAM (or Balancing Air Movement) mechanism optimizes air movement, while the BAM vent part prevents sound leakage Read More

Jun 20, 2019
When are the heaven 3 going to drop again?
Apr 22, 2019
I hope when this will be again purchasable, worldwide shipping will be too
Jan 28, 2019
Heard from the US branch that they've discontinued the heaven line. We'll probably never see these again :'(
Jan 5, 2019
Nearly 500 requests and these earphones have not had a drop? It sure seems to me like there is sufficient interest for a drop...
Nov 24, 2018
Any chance of these dropping again?
Jul 29, 2017
After trying various different bore size tips for these, including the monster hybrid foams (comparable to Sony hybrid foams) I finally tried the stock kinera bd005 (an amazing budget friendly iem that could get looked over very easily) tips and found great improvement in comfortability and the overall sound. Better soundstage and clarity. Using a dac on these is kind of a must at least for me. They don't sound all that special when using them straight out of a phone, at least to my ears. Currently I'm using an iPhone 7 plus.
The bore size of the Kinera is the exact size of the nozzle for the Final's. Every other one I tried that I had on me were a little smaller or a much larger bore size. Either the tips congested the sound and clarity or diminished the bass presence significantly (one of the reasons why I really like the Finals). The Kinera tip bore size is perfect for me and I can keep them in my ear for a much longer period of time without fatigue or discomfort.
Hope this helps!
Jun 14, 2017
Hey @MassDrop is there any chance of another drop of these? Mine were stolen at work and I can not find them anywhere else online. I really enjoyed the sound that came from these iems...
Apr 3, 2018
Hi HappyMax I sent you a Craigslist email on Saturday. I see the post expired If you did not receive it PM me on head-fi Pxncture
Apr 4, 2018
I didn't get the Craigslist message. I just PMed you on head-fi. Thanks!
Apr 19, 2017
Just received these. Plugging them straight up into the iPhone 7 / Macbook Pro 2015, i'm greeted with the same bloated/muddy lower mids some have described. It sounded worse than the H2 on first listen, and this is supposed to be a rebranded H4? However, interestingly using the "treble booster" in iTunes and iPhone settings improved the mids and treble tremendously, to the point it actually sounded pretty decent. Yeah some people will scoff at EQing but it is a good gauge of a earphone's potential for me.
Back home I hooked it up to my usb audio interface (Steinberg UR242) connected to my Windows 7 PC. Hell, these can't be the same IEMs I'm listening to using my Apple stuff. The sound is totally opened up, with bright and airy treble. Plugged it back into iPhone - same muddiness. So it can't be because of running in. Crawled under the table and hooked it to the onboard Realtek soundcard, fired up some noisy rock songs. It is less bright compared to the UR242, but still miles better than the mess heard on iPhone (without the treble booster).
This is not an Apple bashing post (I do all my work on my Mac), there is just something about the default EQ on MacOS that does not work with this IEM. Don't give up on it, I think it's one hell of a driver packed in there.
Apr 20, 2017
I power my set(s) from my Apple phone (6s) and other Apple products. I don't get bloat or mud at all. Not sure what the issue is with your experience. I'm not saying you aren't getting the poor performance you say you are, but I get wonderful results from my Apple equipment with the FAD Heaven III.
Apr 13, 2017
Do these pair well with the Centrance Dacport slim/hd?
Apr 2, 2017
I'm loving how these sound off of a dragonfly black
Apr 15, 2017
Just out of curiosity, how are they even usable on the red? I have the black and these are so sensitive that I never raise above 6% volume. Usually listen at 2. With nearly double output voltage, it has to be an even narrower tabs on the red.
Apr 16, 2017
I don't know why because I'm not familiar with the technical details, but the volume on the red isn't as sensitive as the black. Volume control on the red is a lot more precise with broader range as well. I got to test drive both the black and the red with the heaven III and my over ear B&O H6 and found this to be the case with both headphones.
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