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First Harmonic IEB6 IEM with Mic

First Harmonic IEB6 IEM with Mic

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Product Description
From First Harmonic, the passion project of Thinksound founders Aaron Fournier and Mike Tunney, the IEB6 IEM stands out for its neutral sound signature and the impressive value it delivers for the price. It’s the new company’s debut product, complete with solid but lightweight aluminum housings; a sturdy, tangle-resistant cable; and an inline microphone with convenient single-button control Read More

Aug 30, 2018
Hi, can anybody help? On my left side, the blue part has disengaged from the black part. Is it broken or can be fixed? I am attaching a picture for reference.
May 15, 2018
Just falled apart after a few month of use, i‘ve fixed the problem with a glue (a few times), but it became too broken in a first year :c
Sep 29, 2017
I'm quite a fan of it but the left bud has popped out so it's hanging off after only a few months of use.
Jul 3, 2017
Ok so Ive had mine for a month, the sound is just tinny and they really are not worth is. And they just don't fit right no matter which tip I put on it.
Jun 23, 2017
Just got mine. Haven't yet teste its sound signature, but i'm already in love with the tiny design of the capsule. Small & light make these IEM perfect for my daily use. Just regret haven't order two of it. Waiting for this drop to come out again. Thank you Massdrop.
May 29, 2017
$25 on Amazon Prime with free shipping....and they get here tomorrow.
May 27, 2017
(Feel like I need to preface by saying that I'm not an audiophile) Just got mine and they sound and look amazing, compared to Sennheiser CX 180 and CX 175, both of which I lost. These sound much clearer, without having horrible lows like CX 175, and allow me to hear the imperfections in low-bitrate mp3, which I hadn't noticed before. The mic is alright, btw edit: The delivery was surprisingly fast. 10 days after being sent from New Hampshire they got right to my door 6750 km away.
May 21, 2017
Been using these IEMs for the day and wanted to share my opinion.
Lows: The lows are present but aren't overly impactful. EDM lovers probably won't love these but it does a good job of reproducing drums and lows without bleeding into the mids. Bass light but not non existent.
Mids: Probably the best part of these headphones for me. The mids are forward and clear. Vocalists take front and center.
Highs: A lot of people have said the highs are tinny but I don't hear it. They are a bit bright and just go slightly over the border on being painful. Symbols don't cause too much discomfort but a high pitched guitar rift can cause a bit of cringe. Really well detailed though and I think that is the trade off.
Sound stage is decent. Not super wide but just wide enough to be enjoyable and give instruments room to breath. The detail in the highs lets instruments stand out from each other easily.
Probably the only critique I have is more of BA drivers and not these IEMs in particular. That is that BA drivers always sound sorta dry to me. You can definitely enjoy music on these and they do a great job of allowing you to analyze songs. They do however miss those little reverb details of guitar strings or peoples voices.
The build quality seems great although I know some people have had problems. Solid metal housings and decent cables. They are super tiny though which seems off putting but it doesn't affect the sound and it means that there is no weight hanging out to pull them out of place. Fit and comfort was good but I did use the largest size tips and I am usually a medium to large.
Overall for $20, I would recommend these and I have been enjoying their clear/analytical sound. No regret for buying these.
May 20, 2017
Just received these and they are exactly what I was hoping for. They have a nice, clean, neutral sound to them. It seems like most IEMs in this price range are "muddy" sounding.
These sound claustrophobic. Sometimes when listening to an orchestral piece I feel like the entire orchestra is being crammed into a can. I would advise to skip this one. The highs are tinny, mids lack resolution and richness, and the bass is flabby and slow.
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