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Gateron Cap Switches

Gateron Cap Switches

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Product Description
Well-crafted and striking in appearance, Gateron’s latest Cap switches are linear switches with a medium operating force and smooth travel. Both available models utilize the same structure, but stylistically they’re very different Read More

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Solid out of the Box Switches at a reasonable Price
Solid out of the Box Switches at a reasonable Price. The switches are prelubed (albeit very thin and leaks through the bottom of the switches for a couple of them), and they felt good enough that I didn't feel the need to lube with 205g0. The packaging was better than expected, you basically have an acrylic switch display case with each box.
Jul 2, 2022
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Decent, But Could Be Better
The product arrived without any physical damage or cosmetic imperfections. Inside the package, I got Gateron cap milky yellow switches and a nice acrylic tray for switches. While the tray is nowhere near even a dirt cheap lube station, it still helps with lubing process a lot better than when you separate every part in different bowls. The factory lubing job is horrible. Not only they used some sort of oil instead of grease, but it was constantly leaking from the bottom hole of the shaft. The whole switches' box and even the bottom of the table's drawer was soaked in it. Thankfully it was a cheap oil, so antibacterial tissues have cleaned drawer's bottom. With the factory lube, the switch sounded and felt pretty much like a non-lubed one, but with a tiny bit of smoothness. After adding thin layer of Krytox 205 G0 on top of a questionable factory lube, the switch became buttery smooth, and the sound improved by a lot. At the time of placing an order, I was sure that these switches are version two, but after thorough inspection of the structure of the switch, I realized that these switches are, in fact version one. The difference between Gateron cap version one and old Gateron switches is that the top and bottom cases on Gateron caps are somewhat better, but the structure of the switch is the same. Overall, it is not a total failure, but the second revision of the cap switches is way better than the first revision.
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Dec 8, 2021
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Didn't lube, used them as they came. Very comfortable typing experience for me. Not to light (my impression on reds) but not to heavy either.
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Sub par
Not sure if I got a bad batch but the lube job is pretty horrible. Recently picked up some Cap V2 and it's significantly better.
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Best Budget, Pre-Lubed Linear
Tested in a Drop Carina with NovelKeys Plate-Mount Stabilizers and Frozen Llama Caps. Version tested: Milky Alright straight up these are the best stock linear I've yet experienced. There may be better, but you'll be running in to some serious diminishing returns with dramatically increasing price. Factory lube is well done on the stems; if there's one weakness with these switches it's that some of them have some spring crunch going on from uneven lubing, so IF you were to do anything re-lube the springs with some GPL 105 or donut dip them with some 205g0. Most of my switches broke in after some use but your mileage may vary. X/Y axis stem wobble is well controlled, leaving you with very little chatter from switch rebound. RGB light diffusion is evenly distributed throughout the switch housing. Fitment in the plate was firm, but not overly difficult to remove. These are ridiculously smooth at stock, and very stable. Probably the only thing some folks may not appreciate is the lack of a deeper "thocky" sound like a more standard long pole stem would produce, and difficulty finding compatible springs for a swap if you want these to be lighter/heavier. If you want a no-fuss/minimal fuss linear for your next build, consider these. I'll definitely be buying more.
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May 13, 2021
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Very valuable switch
It is also convenient to lubricate spray due to holes in the bottom of housing. It also feels very good when typing. I want to buy it again when it is restocked.
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May 4, 2021
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great switch with great packaging
these switches are a great budget option with good sound and pretty impressive smoothness. the packaging is also stellar for the cost
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May 20, 2021
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Silky smooth
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