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Hiby R5 Saber Digital Audio Player

Hiby R5 Saber Digital Audio Player

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Product Description
The Hiby R5 Saber is an intricately engineered digital audio player that packs an entire audiophile setup into the palm of your hand. The original R5 player was designed with a natural, more straight-forward response, while the Saber is engineered to cut through a mix and provide detail in your music you wouldn’t otherwise hear Read More

Customer Reviews

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convenient with some quirks
Sound: Clean, neutral, didn't notice any noise floor (low gain I haven't tried/needed high gain mode yet) Power: even with headphones (DT880(SE), HE400se(BAL)) haven't needed more than 95/100 volume in low gain, IEM's are usually around 20/100 (7HZ Timeless(BAL), FIIO FH5(SE)) Buttons: while it has what I assume is supposed to be next track, last track and play/pause under the power/screenlock button the button facing down I would assume to be last track is actually next track and the "last track" only restarts the song most of the time (I've tried pressing it twice and more and it's completely random if it works) plus the buttons are so close together that with the case on it sometimes presses the play/pause when I press the others Software: old android version so took me a bit to figure a couple things out but otherwise no issues with that however updating this thing took over an hour (had to manually search for updates one at a time after every update forced a restart and sometimes would just give me errors) the HIBY Player app prompted me to update after I finished that ordeal and boom jumped from version 13.something to 17.something (wow not installing each update one at a time) HIBY Player has a Tidal linking feature which is probably neat for those who use Tidal UI: sometimes difficult with the small screen some things are too small to select and some things just don't like this small of a screen (HIBY player uses a circle timeline for tracks and can't use the bottom because it touches the edge of the screen) Storage: a measly 10GB of internal flash storage (before updates) SD card is basically required if you want to use local files at all 3.5 and 4.4 jacks are solid choices but they probably could've put a 6.35 also with how thick it is USB C! overall it probably has its use cases and is convenient but there is better performance/dollar with things like the BTR5/XD05's etc if you don't need a AIO unit
Sep 10, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great Player
As someone who has had a very expensive smart phone ripped from his pocket, I was not looking for a 1k DAP to walk around with, and I'm not one to walk around with 1k IEMs either. If this things gets ripped out of my hand or pocket, I will feel bad, but I would feel downright depressed if the same thing happened with an iBasso DX300, or Fiio M15. $300 was the limit where I wouldn't feel depressed if it got stolen and I don't do critical listening when walking, working out or driving. I looked at the iBasso 160, and Shanling M3X, and the R5, all with good reviews. The reason I chose the HiBy is the size. It's a far more pocketable size than any Android based DAP out there. Paired with my everyday carry IEMs (FH5S, Final A4000, Freya) it does a very good job. Sound stage, and detail are good. Power is good and with every IEM I've paired it with at low gain I do not go above 30 out of 100 on volume. At High gain I had no issues powering the Focal Elex, Harmonic Dyne Zuess, at 60 out of 100, and the Sundara's at 70. I could not test out the LCD-2Cs or the 800S as I don't have 4.4 balanced cable for those. The only issue I have had is with Bluetooth. If the device I am sending music too is shut down, (my car stereo) while a song is playing, the player will lock up and I have to hard reboot it. I have a feeling it is a bug with with HiBY music app than with the unit. I have a feeling if I loaded up the Fiio music app the same thing would not happen.
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Great, Powerful Device
So far I love this little guy. It's able to handle my expansive library of flac music with no problems. The unit is able to power all of my headphones with no issues (HD600, dt990, he400se, andromedas). Only real issues I've found is the fonts could be bigger on screen as it can be difficult for my sausage fingers to tap the write part of the screen at times haha. Update: So I got a SD card and when I loaded up the music, the device went total brick. Wouldn't come back on at all. Not sure what happened but I of course had to send it back. Can no longer recommend this device.
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