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Aug 21, 2015
I've had these for about 6 months. Boosted in the low end, rolled off top end. Boosts aren't massive but apparent. Warm and non-fatiguing sound. Resolution, detail and clarity are above consumer grade, but not by a lot. Build quality feels and looks like cheap plastic. It's held up so far, but it's far from desirable. The left and right markings on mine are smudged and fading. Fit is nice. Small and forgettable. There are cheaper options for the gym that will suffice. These aren't bad, they just aren't anything special. At the Amazon price of $50 I'd say No. At $30 I feel comfortable recommending them for a carry around pocket pair that you can listen to for hours on the go without fatigue if that is your target. Going to get groceries and want to jam to lessen the monotony? A chill pair that you can fall asleep with? These will do.
Want something for focused or serious listening? Look elsewhere.
Aug 21, 2015
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