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Whether you're backpacking by yourself or camping with a small group, the Kelty Salida tents are versatile enough for many an outdoor adventure. The 78d polyester fly and 68d nylon floor keep water and wind at bay, and are also abrasion-and-tear resistant Read More

Aug 25, 2019
I have this tent from an REI garage sale. I have two comments. The tent came back to REI because the consumer said "not waterproof". I believe they did not understand that even though the tent is free-standing (a great feature for setting up, finding the most level ground, drying out before packing) you still need to stake out the fly properly so it does not touch the tent, or there will be condensation dripping into the tent through the mesh windows. If you understand that, it is fine. Second comment - the two person is more like 1 and a half person, or one 6' 5" person (my son, who uses it now). For this purpose, it is great because it is lighter than most 2-person tents at this price. So less penalty for being a tall person.
Aug 25, 2019
One more comment - The storage bag is weirdly bulky, like for car camping. Doesn't fit in a backpack very well. I suggest repackaging into a stuff sack with the poles and stakes separate.
So, I’m in the market for a small freestanding lightweight tent that doesn’t cost Big Agnes prices. Almost 4lbs for a one man is pretty heavy, compared to my primary go-to Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo, which is 1.5lbs and I adore, but I’m doing an off-trail traverse this summer and need something smaller and more versatile for various ground conditions. Looks very similar to my old North Face Storm Break tent. Just wish it was a biiiit lighter ...
Jun 23, 2019
I agree that it is a little bit heavy for a single person. That said, as an entry level tent for under $100 shipped, I think that it is a good value. I will use it as a single person tent when I am hiking fewer miles in a day. I split the weight with my kids on longer trips when I take one along. When I want to section hike and will be putting in many more miles per day, I go with something less substantial. I am still more willing to carry a little extra weight, or just use a tarp shelter than shell down the big bucks for a real nice tent. It helps that most of my backpacking is in Arizona and I enjoy nice weather.
Mar 9, 2019
I received an email from Massdrop about this drop, then clip to see that it has ended. I already bought this tent through Massdrop 3 years ago, but was going to let friends know about it. What gives?
Mar 5, 2019
Why would you buy this one with only one entrance over the Mountainsmith Genesse 4 or Alps Lynx 4 tent that both have better vestibules, more total Sq. Ft and cheaper?
Mar 5, 2019
The Overview does not mention this is the recent redesigned version of this tent. It is not the same tent as seen on many of the online reviews and not the same tent as you see at Sierra. That is the old version.
May 5, 2019
I can't find anything about the redesign, when was it and what changed?
Mar 4, 2019
I have had this tent for 3 years and it has withstood several severe storms in the adirondack high peaks. The basement didnt leak and neither did the fly. This is a great deal.
Jan 10, 2019
This was just on sale on Kelty's website for $79 for the Christmas season, but good deal on the footprint. I'd really like to see Massdrop deals be a bit better or more dynamic than just a standard retail discount.
Jun 16, 2018
Purchased two of these in the single version for my sons (11 & 13) who are in scouting. That way they can carry their own gear and not have to worry about a tentmate on a trek. They have camped in them for two years now in the varying weather that South Carolina can throw at them. They have worked well for the price. Not as light as my Hubba, but easily gets the job done. Much of their gear has come from Massdrop. they can get better when they get older, but as they keep growing and learning how to take care of gear, these foot the bill. My major complaint is actually the storage bag. designed like most, for store display rather than real use, it is a square about 14 inches on a side and two inches tall. Anyone have a pack designed to carry a tent that way?
Oct 3, 2018
I repackaged it into a 5L stuff sack (poles and stakes in a separate bag). It fits in my pack much better this way.
Nov 20, 2018
I use the storage bag when I have section hiked with my osprey without the brain on my pack. I find it easy to compress the tent into all nooks and crannies. It allows you to use all the space in your pack. Works much better than a compression bag that would result in a cylinder shape with triangles of emptiness around it.
Apr 18, 2018
HI. I just like to see the price of the tent that you promise when sign up. But you did not show any price so I`m not sure if I even want it .
Feb 4, 2018
Possible to buy just the footprint?
Feb 6, 2018
You can buy the footprint on their site if you want
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