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Kennerton Magister Pro Headphones

Kennerton Magister Pro Headphones

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Product Description
A joint effort between Kennerton and Fischer Audio, the Magister Pro headphone is assembled by hand in Russia using the best materials possible. An improved version of the Magister, this model replaces the original’s plastic components with brass for a more robust, longer-lasting build Read More

Customer Reviews

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Nov 25, 2018
checkVerified Buyer

Overall my ears... Sound quality: vocals are distinctly forward...slightly bright...which adds some sparkle...may offer fatigue during prolonged listening. The SQ improves notably over time from initial listen. I’m blown away by wide soundstage. Note: these sound unlike anything in my HP stable (Fostex TR X00 Ebony, HD 6XX, AEON Flow Open, Momentum HD2); similar to listening to room speakers (open lush soundstage); seem to play outside of your head (if that makes sense?) Fitment: readily adjustable headband; will accomodate/fit a large head (I have a 7 7/8 hat size); L & R metal side armature can be modified (bent) to reduce clamp force (individual preference); cups are large/roomy...stiff/firm...will likely wear or become more pliable over time. Build: durable/flexible; can twist the headband without restraint Design: beautiful wood cups (lightweight); detailed stitched leather on headband & earcups Update: These love distortion when pushed by any of my amps (see list below)...& there seems to be a direct correlation between the dynamic output & power (these scale up remarkably—punchy); but don’t have to be turned up loudly to be heard (full bodied at normal listening levels). HP amps: Headamp Gilmore Lite 2 Woo Audio Eclipse WA8
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