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Jul 10, 2018
This is not an analog delay. The PT2399 is a handy and exceedingly low-cost digital echo chip. By clocking the chip at a certain rate and filtering the output, you can get something that sounds similar to an analog delay pedal. But taking a signal, digitizing it, running it through a DSP delay function, converting it back and then filtering it to remove the digital aliasing... describes a digital delay pedal.
To call this an analog delay is misleading to the point of being unethical. Adding a "TM" at the end of the the phrase "Analog Delay" on a digital delay pedal is an additional insult. Punching people is wrong, so I would not advocate punching whoever decided to call this "Analog Delay TM" in the face.
That said, you guys (Massdrop) should really, really should fix the description for clarity.
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