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Monoprice Cherry MX Blue Keyboard

Monoprice Cherry MX Blue Keyboard

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880 requests
88 Sold
Product Description
The top layer of the keyboard comes in your standard shaped keycaps, cut in the same curved profile as the majority of models. Underneath the keycaps, Cherry Blue MX switches give you enough get-up-and-go to last 50 million actuations, providing a light tactile feedback with each stroke Read More

Apr 24, 2017
Will this drop be ever come back? Now it's 717.
Nov 4, 2015
When will this drop come back? Currently at 409 requests.
May 21, 2015
A final update for you all. We've just received word that all orders are now on the way to you. Tracking has been uploaded to the transaction page. Please allow 24-48 hours for the page to reflect the latest status of your order.
If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to contact us via “Contact Support” button in your transaction page:
May 16, 2015
Got mine!! Thank you Massdrop for keeping us updating. Loving the keyboard
May 13, 2015
i got it!.. so crunchy.. <3
May 13, 2015
We finally have some great news on the status for this drop from Monoprice.
The remaining order for this keyboard finally came into Monoprice's facility yesterday, and Monoprice have shipped out all the US orders within the same day. We are uploading the tracking numbers as we receive them from Monoprice. International orders are also being prepared and will be shipped out within the next 2 days.
We are very thankful for your patience, and we are finally at the final stretch! Expect an update from us on 5/19 or sooner.
May 11, 2015
Is there an update on the status of this drop? Is there confirmation that the shipment has been received, and has begun processing for shipment to final destination?
May 10, 2015
still waiting
May 3, 2015
So at the moment Massdrop is aiming for a delivery time of 3 months, and at this rate they'll probably re-open the drop (currently at 242 requests out of 200 needed) before I even get my delivery...
This isn't the only drop this is happening on either - my Pilot Metropolitans have been backordered for more than a month too. If they meet their current targets it's looking like it'll take about 2 months to ship everyone's items.
I'm definitely starting to realize that the tiny sliver of savings that Monoprice offers isn't worth the risk of a months-long backorder. EG on this drop factoring in shipping you save nothing ($50+11 shipping) at qty 1, $3 per keyboard at qty 2 ($50 + $6 shipping) vs the list price at Monoprice ($59 w/ free shipping). On my Metropolitans I saved $1 per pen vs buying in-stock from Amazon with Prime shipping and I had to buy 2 of them. $10 off should have been the starting point, let alone after a 3-month delay in shipping.
I still want my keyboards - that's why I ordered them 3 months ago - but I'm increasingly dissatisfied with the value offering and customer service from Massdrop. I don't want a refund - I want what I paid for to be delivered to me in a timely fashion. And going forward I want to see a substantial price benefit for my delivery risk and the large quantities needed before I'll join.
May 4, 2015
PaulMDStill hoping for this one.. We've been waiting for so long...
May 3, 2015
Still haven't gotten mine :/ anyone else still waiting??
May 6, 2015
RickyRollerI'm still waiting as well. I keep checking every other day for some good news, too.
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