Nitecore 1,000-Lumen TUP Pocket Light
Nitecore 1,000-Lumen TUP Pocket Light
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Pumping out 1,000 lumens in a compact frame, the Nitecore TUP is a necessity on nighttime adventures. Outfitted with five separate modes, it can be catered to any setting on the go Read More

Sep 15, 2020
Is the lanyard loop on the bottom removable? A square flashlight that doesn't tail stand seems... dumb.
Sep 15, 2020
Does anybody know the maximum run time for each mode? I was looking to get a supplemental bicycle light, for when I break down, or extra coverage on dark paths.
Jul 19, 2020
Take note of the clear disclaimer where Drop informs customers that they are on their own after purchase, and no warranties will be honored. It doesn't say that? Right, it didn't say that on my $40 purchase either. In fact, the listing link that describes my purchase continues to state "INCLUDED Manufacturer's warranty" (emphasis theirs!) See for yourself Drop support, however, continues to state "Warranties do not apply in this case. If there was a manufacturer's warranty, again, Drop would not cover this as we are not the manufacturer." That's the 'escalated' response. Initial responses were somehow less helpful. I've made multiple purchases from Massdrop and Drop....I'll never be their best customer. Twice I needed assistance previously, and they handled it professionally and quickly and as if they cared about a customer. Evidently, that is no longer the case, and Drop will not hesitate to throw a customer out the airlock over trivial issues. @Drop @Drop+Flashlights
In regards to the AR10 you purchased in our warehouse sale, as I wrote previously your light is covered by Klarus's warranty. Drop does not stock replacement parts and in most cases we do not carry inventory to facilitate an exchange. Drop does accept returns directly if the issue is reported within 30 days as outlined in our policy found here: "Third Party Products We only offer returns and replacement for third party items that arrive damaged, defective, not as advertised, or are missing components. These issues must be reported within 30 days of delivery. When third-party runs are completed, we submit the group's order to the vendor up front. This is how we’re able to deliver the best value to our members and is also why all sales are final. In the event that a product arrives damaged, defective, not as advertised, or missing components, please contact Drop Support." Both Klarus and Nitecore work with us directly so a proof of purchase from Drop is valid to escalate warranty issues with the manufacturer.
Jul 20, 2020
In regards to your response, as I wrote previously your staff are the ones that need to hear from you. "Some products purchased on Drop include a manufacturer's warranty. These products will have the warranty listed on their pages." Per Marriah De Pew (Drop Community Support) Jul 18, 2020, 4:30 PM PDT "Warranties do not apply in this case" Per Klarus Jul 14, 2020, 01:15 "After our quality department analysis your video and they confirm a replacement head part can solve the problem. But according to your copy of purchase proof. We are not sure if it is bought from our authorized dealer." My point remains, Drop support can be helpful, they simply choose not to, and front-line support does not make policy. Drop is deliberately and intentionally leaving a customer to swing in the breeze. To be clear, I have had 2 issues in the past with Drop (Massdrop) purchase, and my issues were handled quickly and efficiently by Massdrop staff, I was not (mis)quoted policy or told to find solutions elsewhere. Those experiences strengthened the relationship between customer and vendor. This new separation, where 2 support members tell me as politely and professionally to just move along, and 1 Buying Manager is telling me all is well, and I am in fact getting the service I asked for....well, it's new, it's different, it's slow, it's aggravating, and it illuminates just how little regard Drop has for their clients.
Jul 14, 2020
No thanks...MADE IN CHINA. Drop - you seem to be pushing Nitecore. Why? Make a deal with a non-Chinese company.
Jul 13, 2020
You know it’s a funny thing I used to buy so much stuff from MassDrop but ever since they became Drop I don’t think I have made a single purchase. I wonder why that is?
Jun 3, 2020
I see this on Banggood for $41.99 in both black and grey.
Jun 4, 2020
thanks probably saving many
Apr 23, 2020
I'm buying flashlights of one description or another all the time. Just picked up a new(er) Nitecore offering, the TM9K (freakin' UNREAL lumens ((9500!!)) from such a Tiny little Monster!), and I have at least one of all the other minis that Nitecore offers, except for the TUP. I'm not a Nitecore freak as much as I'm an impulse buyer, and I can always find a good use for a small light from the junk-drawer to the glove-box to the saddle bags to the shed, I spread 'em all over the place. I was intrigued by the TUP over the last year or two since it came out, but as I was watching the video posted in the Overview, I realized that once I get used to knowing what info is showing in the OLED screen, I probably won't need to ever look at it. It's pretty easy to know when your LED flashlight needs charging, because it won't even turn on the Turbo or High modes once it gets below a certain power-level remaining. I think the attached wire (that I actually put on) will alert me to the fact that the light is being charged. The light getting hot enough to turn itself off will tell me to anticipate it going off, and I'll probably be anticipating it before the OLED warns me of its coming, and either way, I won't be looking at the OLED when it happens in any case. If I have the light turned on to where heat will turn it off, I'm actually looking for something in the woods or someplace I need that much light to see. Bottom line, after at least a year (probably longer) I've come to the conclusion that this light would serve no distinctive purpose for me. I'm fine with taking a chance on Nitecore products, even though the first one I had failed completely as a weapon light and never worked very well as an EDC after taking it off the weapon either. I can't think of any situation where a square-bodied, 1K light with a screen that I'd almost never look at after the novelty wore off would be the "perfect" light to have on me. Guess I'll pass on this one. Drop should take a close look at the TM9K and other of the more "conventional" LED lights Nitecore is offering these days. They are getting tons of lumens out of small bodies with big, long-lasting batteries, and while they're not exactly comparable to the TUP, they are more useful as EDC or heavy and regular-use lights for the "average" user.
Jan 11, 2020
Not a fan of this flashlight, purchased and returned... Buttons are terrible for EDC, easily turns on in your pocket and you have to press and hold the button in order to access turbo mode... The only way to avoid that is you have to put it in lockout mode everytime you put it in your pocket and who wants to do that all the time?? Not me.. If you want a nice EDC flashlight then I highly recommend the Rovyvon A2 or any of their higher up models with memory feature. Very high quality, SUPER BRIGHT(650 Lumens), SUPER SMALL, stainless steel, easy single button operation, great battery life with battery life indicator, does not easily turn on in your pocket, reversible clip so can be worn on a hat, has a nice weight to it so it doesn't fall out of your pocket and did I mention the quality??!! I purchased mine from Amazon for $40. Well worth it and this is coming from a guy whose owned SEVERAL EDC flashlights. Another great light is the Nitecore TIP as well but can be turned on in your pocket pretty easily though.
Jan 2, 2020
Give me an analog slide switch for a brightness control any day, without the overly-complex multiple button-push routine. I want to use a flashlight WITHOUT having to look at it. Plus, it should have been capable of having a "Strobe" feature. I was tempted to replace the belt clip with a Picatinny rail adapter so I could attach it to a pistol, but it would leave the controls/screen facing down, which is incompatible with this use case.
Jan 2, 2020
I've got a question maybe someone can answer for me. I'm sorry if it seems to be an ignorant question. I have several flashlights. One being 3400 lumins and another 12000 lumins. My question is for example the 12000 lumin flashlight is technically equal to about 10-12 100 watt light bulbs in output. When I use outside they have great coverage but when I turn them on in a room there's no way that the output is equal to 2 100 watt bulbs much less 10. Am I looking at this wrong?
Mar 7, 2020
I believe the answer lies in throw and intensity. Though total light output may be the same, they were designed for different purposes. You wouldn't expect a torch to serve as a proper ceiling light to illuminate a room with, nor would you a regular lightbulb to cast a beam 1 kilometer away
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Oct 30, 2020