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Onkyo CP-1050 Turntable

Onkyo CP-1050 Turntable

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Product Description
Rediscover the magic of analog sound with the Onkyo CP-1050, a direct-drive turntable with a customized brushless DC motor, a 12-inch die-cast aluminum platter, and a handsome retro aesthetic that looks like it was pulled right out of the ‘70s. Along with the low-noise motor and rubber slip mat, the cabinet’s thick MDF construction helps reduce vibration, while the quartz-lock control system makes for a highly precise turning speed Read More

Apr 27, 2016
What a piece of junk. Do yourself a favor, go for Music Hall's entry level table over this.
Apr 27, 2016
Why am I thinking of a lead balloon?
Apr 25, 2016
After having a CP-1050 in house to test it, I can recommend the U-Turn Orbit, the Pro-ject series of 'tables, the Rega RP1, and the Music Hall 'tables to a much higher degree than this. Looks nice, but feels sort of cheap, and has a lot more rumble than should be acceptable from a $400 turntable. Also, I can get this from Amazon with 2 day shipping for cheaper than Massdrop is offering it here. They can't always work miracles, but, this drop seems kind of forced.
Apr 25, 2016
The price for the Onkyo is no big deal - pretty much every place that sells Onkyo offers this turntable for $399 shipped. There are many people interested (more than the minimum required) in a drop on the Pro-ject Carbon. Why can't that be made available??
Apr 23, 2016
Massdrop should bring back the UTurn Orbit TT instead. For $300 you get a belt drive acrylic platter and a Grado black cartridge, plus a one year warranty. Oh and it's made in the USA.
Apr 25, 2016
Vinyljunkie8Enthusiastic +1 here for U-Turn. Even the Orbit Basic would be preferable for those of us in the entry-level/casual vinyl enthusiast range.
Apr 21, 2016
Much better TT,s available, Music Hall, Project, Stay away from direct drive, belt drive quieter.
Apr 22, 2016
MfuinoDirect Drive isn't bad if you get a good one
Apr 20, 2016
Don't get it there are better options for under this price point and they will be something that will last unlike this cheap rip off
Apr 20, 2016
I'm guessing this only comes in a 120v? Need a 240v one.
Apr 20, 2016
It's a dressed-up Hanpin SuperOEM 'table. For the money, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is vastly superior, and that comes with an Ortofon 2M-Red cartridge vs the bargain basement Audio-Technica AT-3600L that's also seen on the Crosley Collegiate. It's a perfectly serviceable cartridge... On a sub-$200 turntable. Which this isn't. Avoid.
Apr 20, 2016
UncleBeefSince Onkyo and Pioneer combined (last year) just to stay alive, expect more of these nicely-dressed Chinese imitations to come to the market.
I'll stick with my genuine and original 1970's B&O and Onkyo TT's, thanks very much.
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