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Apr 11, 2015
Well done Darin Fong Audio. Just joined, had some critical listening for hours last night as well as this afternoon. I find it the PBN preset seems to have serious clipping issue regardless input channels setting (as I've read some of your recommendation about setting from previous posts). It's a shame since personally I quite like the PBN.
Another thing I found is about the "centre position" of the Sonus Faber seems to be off to the left side as well as out of focus, this situation is quite prominent and can be easily picked up by switching between presets (e.g. Magico Q3 vs Sonus Faber) while listening to Hotel California.
Just my two cents, hope it make some contribution to the community as well as the developer.
Overall performance of this program is really amazing, keep it up.
Apr 11, 2015
Fong Audio
Apr 11, 2015
Hi William, Thank you for joining this Massdrop!
I just checked the PBN preset on my Windows system using JRiver Media Center's internal volume output set to 90% volume level and the input levels in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel set to 100%. Even watching a 7.1 action movie, during loud explosions I was not able to get any clipping on the PBN preset. Perhaps you can try lowering the output volume of your media player instead of the input volume on the Out Of Your Head preset.
I will further investigate the Sonus Faber preset for center channel accuracy. It's possible that there is an error. It's also possible that you are hearing a different with your HRTF or ear shape too. The center channel is the most difficult channel to get to work well.
Thank you for posting your comments.
Apr 11, 2015
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