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PreSonus PD-70 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

PreSonus PD-70 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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Product Description
The front-address PD-70 from PreSonus is an ideal dynamic microphone for the human voice. Featuring a solid frequency curve with a subtle bass roll-off and a slight emphasis on the higher end for clarity and a bit of sparkle, this microphone is ideal for the frequencies most prevalent in speaking or singing Read More

Jul 15, 2021
I didn't purchase it here, but for what it's worth I use one of these for streaming hooked up to a Motu M2 Interface. I am extremely pleased with the fit and finish of the product, it looks great and feels solid and well-made. My voice is on the lower end of the spectrum and I've found I need zero EQing to get a fantastic sound for my voice coming through stream paired with the preamp in my M2. I'm very happy with this product especially for the price. It feels and sounds like itd belong in a tier at least 100 dollars or so more than it's actual retail cost. I've also began trying out Presonus' DAW, and finding it to be a very intuitive and efficient workflow. I'm becoming a big fan of Presonus' products! Great quality at a competitive price.
Jul 13, 2021
The official Spec Sheet is available here The Presonus product page for this microphone is here. Looks like a pretty solid offering, although I think that they are being a bit cheap with just the one-year warranty. The frequency response is pretty much what I would expect for a dynamic microphone aimed at recording vocals, complete with the hump in the upper-mids/low treble that is essentially mandatory for dynamic vocal microphones that also works quite well when recording a guitar cabinet. The bass extension is nothing special, but will be sufficient for most vocalists. 

phoenixsongSuper helpful video! It also introduced me to the channel and now I’m checking out his other content. Thanks for the share :)
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