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Jun 7, 2018
Good little receiver. I had two. One is setup in living room powering two ELAC 6 speakers. Plenty of power. I sold the other to a friend who hooked it up to two bookshelf and sub out and says its fine. Key on this little guy are features not fidelity. It will power smaller speakers and sound very good. I would not suggest setting up a sub unless your looking to power a small setup in which case two bookshelf with built in low frequency drivers / cone may work better without compromising what wattage you have (2 x 80). If you want good sound your speakers must have enough power.
I purchased this specifically to power two ELACs while streaming Tidal off of an APT X compatible tablet. We walk around the house and can easily use internet radio stations and any streaming services that have an Android app. Its a very functional, great sounding setup.
I would not purchase with the intent of using as a quality "headphone" Amp / DAC. Set expectations understanding this is feature rich at a low cost.
Jun 7, 2018
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