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Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic (Natural EDN)

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic (Natural EDN)

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Product Description
When music is a travel must, pack the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light. Measuring 28 inches long and weighing less than 3 pounds, it’s the smallest, lightest full-scale acoustic/electric guitar ever made Read More

Mar 19, 2018
The guitar I ordered was impounded by the customs over here in Germany. I received a letter telling me that some parts of the guitar are made from "dalbergia spp." wood which apparently falls under federal law on nature protection. According to your website the guitar is made of maple which should not be illegal as far as I know. In the case with the "Travelers Ultralight" guitar I have no idea what to do now. I do not know if it was made with maple wood which is what your website told me or if the customs are right and it has parts that are made with "dalbergia spp." wood. I do not know much about different wood types and I would definitely not be able to tell the two apart even if I was able to get my guitar. I am not sure what to do now either.
Feb 24, 2018
Just got mine! Shipped 4 days ago and arrived today. The fact that it's being held by a 3M adhesive wall hook is a testament to how light this thing is. Good price and fast shipping. Thanks Massdrop!
Mar 24, 2018
neiru37UPDATE: I've discovered that my guitar has intonation issues. When I tune with a tuner using the open strings, it's not in tune when you play the 5th fret.
Feb 6, 2018
Previous drop price was $149.99.
Feb 9, 2018
FeebleOldManThe last drop was for B stock if I recall correctly
Jan 15, 2018
Had a week with mine. This is an absolutely outstanding product. Its great unplugged just to be able to sit in front of the TV and practice, but it REALLY shines when you plug it in. I bought a Blackstar ID: Core BEAM and the two make a simply phenomenal pair. Forget the fact this is guitar looks like some kind of a weird toy - plugged into the Blackstar its just a great sounding guitar. I'm really keen to get the electric version and maybe even the bass (the ID:Core BEAM is unique that it can handle all 3).
Dec 6, 2017
Sweet! This item shipped 3 weeks early!
Dec 2, 2017
I don't understand, what's acoustic about this guitar? on all these videos it sounds totally flat and quite, just like any electric guitar.. you know.. before you flip that electric switch on. so what's the point of this thing again if I can't use it without an amp?
Dec 2, 2017
kuzmin.caIt has a piezo pickup under the bridge like acoustic guitars so it sounds like an acoustic guitar when plugged in. I plug mine into a 3w Blackstar Fly 3 amp and I really enjoy it. Much easier to travel with than an acoustic.
Fly 3:
Jan 15, 2018
JharveyI got the Blackstar ID:Core BEAM. Amazing product that is good with Acoustic, Electric and Bass. But isn't the Fly 3 an electric guitar amp?
Dec 1, 2017
Where are these guitars made?
Dec 1, 2017
pumpkinannieMade in China. Has a stamp of origin on the back of the guitar
Nov 29, 2017
From the product description: Available exclusively on Massdrop, this special-edition model features an all-natural non-ebonized rosewood bound fingerboard, a non-ebonized rosewood bridge, and real mother-of-pearl inlay.
Could someone explain the advantages/disadvantages of the Massdrop-exclusive features? For example, fingerboard on the original product is rosewood too, so "non-ebonized" seems to be the difference -- but what does that mean and how does it matter? Same with the bridge. (I'm guessing mother-of-pearl is simply for the beauty.)
WLVANo advantages to these appointments. Simply aesthetics although some players prefer non ebonised wood which shows less ware over time.
I hope this helps.
Nov 29, 2017
Yay, another guitar you can hide under your trench coat and comes with an anal hook included. Massdrop knows how to party!
Nov 28, 2017
Is it possible to use with nylon??
mundalahHello :-)
This would not be advised. We have an Ultra-Light Nylon model that utilizes traditional nylon strings and tuning pegs and has a wider neck width but it is not a part of this drop.
I hope this helps.
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