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Jan 26, 2016
For the price, there actually quite fun headphones, having bought one of them a couple drops back, I am in need of a new pair due to carelessly dropping them on public transportation (Carrying case and all! [someone's getting a good freebie]) after using them for over ~1-2 years heavily.
Are they cheap? In construction? Sure, but if they fit, they've got decent sound isolation (pro tip, replace the tips with better ones) but for the price, their fun, and just cheap enough that you don't feel the burn to badly.
Not to the guy who linked to the TTPOD T1, there's actually three products in this line...
T1 T1-E T1-S
so what's linked on Amazon, is not what's being sound in the drop...
Now with all that said.... Are these the most accurate or neutral sounding headphones in their price range? Nope, nadda, zippo! Their not, their bass heavy, and the mids are acceptable....
the signatures is definately, how can I describe this.... fun?
It's a good review, I've linked above, and while the reviewer is definately 'more' into the IEM's then I am, I do have to admit, that while these aren't the most neutral or clear IEMS I owned (pass tense for now) I can't deny, that while I owned them, they where one of the most well used in my collection due to the great combination of...
FUN sound signature, and CHEAP cost of entry... making it a great choice for when your traveling and on the go (Fun enough to listen to, cheap enough not to cry when you break/drop them)
BTW this is the product on amazon.
Jan 26, 2016
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