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Violectric Chronos DAC/Headphone Amp

Violectric Chronos DAC/Headphone Amp

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Product Description
The headphone jack may have disappeared, but audiophile desire for a hi-fi signal chain has not. Engineered for today’s most demanding on-the-go listeners, the Violectric CHRONOS is a DAC and headphone amplifier that’s both pocket-sized and packed with high-performance components Read More

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Jan 10, 2024
checkVerified Buyer
A little gem
Being a Violectric user since years I could not resist the temptation of a Violectric dongle for portable use. And I have not been disappointed at all. Form factor is amazing as like as its simplicity. Sound wise it does not disappoint, it is a Violectric product and I can recognise their sound signature. Sound is open and transparent with no harshness (my main fear...) and excellent dynamics. Balanced and neutral without being analytical is a good summary. No frequency range is emphasized and there is also that hint of warmth that to me is clearly a Violectric signature. It's also an easy match with in-ear or headphones even though it is better not to pretend too much using very complex or hard to drive headphones. For the time being I used Chronos with Focal Elegia, Dan Clark Ether CX, Campfire Audio Honeydew, KZ various models and JBL earphones, in any situation the Chronos was up to the task. It's amazing how technology is evolving in this field and products like this are a tangible proof of the evolution of digital systems.
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