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Vortex Side-Lit PBT Keycap Set

Vortex Side-Lit PBT Keycap Set

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Product Description
If you’re a fan of side-printed legends, and also a fan of shine-through keycaps, you’re in luck: This set of 127 keys features both. Made from doubleshot PBT plastic, they’re designed to allow your backlighting to peek through for a radiant look, but they also take a subtler angle by putting the legends on the side Read More

A community member
Jul 21, 2019
Any news on this set coming back? Literally can't find it anywhere else.
Jan 22, 2019
Need these back, not enough side-printed options out there
Jul 14, 2018
Can we get these back pls???
Jun 7, 2018
Please put give it backkk
May 18, 2018
Just got my black ones, and there are some quality concerns. Maybe switches are a part of the problem (gateron browns), but some of the caps are very very loose and literally launch off the switch if finger is raised too rapidly. Doesn't happen with other keycaps I have. Also, all keycaps don't seem to be perfectly uniform, for example the L key sits a few degrees off vertically from the other ones, I assume it's a bent stem, but I'm not sure.
Not really acceptable for keycaps costing over 50$.
Also some of the pictograms look kinda weird, for example the home, the end and pause break ones, but you could see that in the pictures, so you get what you get.
Could anyone recommend a good, non-destructive and removable glue option to fix the caps to the switches, but still allow to remove them, if needed?
May 9, 2018
just got this in the mail, ordered the black set. It came with extra keys which was nice, but the actual backlighting is very underwhelming to say the least. I’m not sure if it’s the keyboard I’m using (CM pro S), But even in a pitch black room the lights barely go through
May 11, 2018
NestSame here. I installed these on my keyboard (WASD Code), and the LEDs don't shine through the key caps at all, which defeats the whole purpose of this product. I thought maybe it's because the LED lights are installed on the top half, but based on the pictures provided in this drop (i.e. - the red LED lights), that didn't prove to be an at its finest, perhaps? What gives???
May 12, 2018
ngster98I'll take the set if you don't want them.
May 8, 2018
mine just arrived and to my surprise the photo containing the lose keys are actually the extra keys. so you get lots of arrow keys and an extra set of WASD keys. but no 1.5 Ctrl or bottom row 1.5 replacements o_0 time to find some novelty 1.5 key caps =P
sorry for my bad English
Apr 22, 2018
in one of the pictures with the blue rgb's the top of the key caps look to be shine through. Are they, or am I just looking at it wrong?
Apr 18, 2018
Wtf. I had requested a new drop after the white one ended, anticipating the black drop. My email settings also allow for Massdrop to notify me when something I've requested drops, but I never got the email. I'm pissed that I missed this. Way to drop the ball Massdrop, I've only been waiting for this keycap set for a freaking year.
Apr 7, 2018
Just missed it....
Apr 8, 2018
DeusLBIf there anyone left in black or white :)
Apr 9, 2018
DeusLBYup, in the same boat. Would go either but rather looking for blacks...
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