xDuoo XQ-23 Bluetooth DAC/Amp

xDuoo XQ-23 Bluetooth DAC/Amp

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A great pairing for smartphones and other mobile devices, the xDuoo XQ-23 DAC/amp is especially handy if you’re using a new Apple or Android phone without a 3.5-millimeter port. It can also connect to a PC using the USB DAC function Read More

Aug 2, 2018
Will the USB cable charge the device/battery while the bluetooth is connecting to phone and playing? What is the range between the phone and the xDuoo and what distance will it start to disconnect at when exercising?
Nov 2, 2018
I haven't tried charging it while playing, but the communication distance from device to phone is around 15-20 feet, as long as you have line of sight. If the device is in my front left pocket, and my phone in my rear left pocket, it loses communication every minute or two. Sounds great when it stays connected, which is doesn't.
Jul 31, 2018
Im thinking to buy this and using it in my car, that does not have bluetooth or a usb port and change the stock radio is a pain in the ass, conecting it via the aux entrance. Will it work? Any suggestions?
Jul 31, 2018
can this be connect to a phone as DAC ?
Jul 30, 2018
May I Connect this to the car vía USB and use the DAC for playback from the phone connected via bluetooth ??
Jul 31, 2018
Don't think you can playback through USB. DAC playback is probably through the phone jack only. Aux cable would work.
Jul 29, 2018
How does this compare against an Earstudio Es100 Bluetooth receiver amp?
Jul 29, 2018
If you plug in a headset (with a 3.5mm TRRS connector) into this DAC, which Mic will be used ?
Jul 29, 2018
It will use the onboard mic. Like pretty much every bluetooth DAC on the market, the audio input only uses a 3-pole jack. TRRS plugs are 4-pole to account for the mic (and there are 2 different standards for wiring, CTIA vs OMTP).
Apr 28, 2018
Having been impressed by the XD05 and the X3 I was really interested in this receiver... But then I haven't been able to find any reviews online, and I'm worried there's no word on battery life which is really important
Jun 11, 2018
Maybe it is too new, so there is no review at the moment.
But I found a good site to buy it,
They have a good service, and I just bought xduoo xd05 from there last week, with 20% off discount code. Save a lot money, haha~~
Apr 26, 2018
Would this work for use in the car? My phone only has one usb c port, so I can either listen t music (I only have an aux port in my car) or I can charge my phone.
Apr 26, 2018
This should work for a car but it isn't optimal because it lacks a few features you'll want add to a lot of fidgeting with it every time you get in and out of the car.
Auto specific BT transmitters are usually powered by the car so they turn on/off with the car and good ones auto-connect when they come on. I got a SoundBot SB360 which has been working great with my old pre-bt car stereo.
Apr 26, 2018
I find a more robust AMP (+12db, FiiO E17K) is preferred for use with a car stereo's aux-in.
Something like this, gives you back the AUX port on your phone:
Then you can use any regular portable AUX-in/out AMP if necessary, and not be forced to transmit via Bluetooth which isn't the most reliable at times.
For a car stereo I can't really tell much (if any) difference when using the FiiO via AUX instead of USB-OTG.
Apr 26, 2018
I wonder if this supports AAC audio from the iPhone ?
Apr 29, 2018
Did you bother reading the codecs used? It supports AAC.
Apr 29, 2018
Apparently I did not. 🙃
Apr 26, 2018
If folks are interested in this, I highly recommend you compare this to the Radsone ES100, which can power 300 ohm headphones with ease, and has 2.5mm balanced out:
Apr 27, 2018
Or maybe the "support" email address is not for sales inquiries, and probably doesn't even go to anyone who actually works for the company. You could take 2 seconds to think about how things work before deciding a company hates you personally.
Besides, you can buy this from Amazon right now:
Apr 27, 2018
Never said the company hates me personally. See my original comment. ES100 was recommended to me - not in stock anywhere (Amazon included) so I contacted them, no response. As luck would have it the Get dropped here so I got that instead.
And yeah, I did take a few seconds to consider "how things work". And wouldn't you know! A business that has a website touting its product, has a contact email address, yet isn't expected to respond to anyone? That's not actually how things work...