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1More EVO TWS Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

1More EVO TWS Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Product Description
1MORE is known for delivering top-tier sound with multi-driver setups, and the EVO True Wireless Active Noise Canceling earbuds carry this principle through to the true wireless space. Each earphone features a 10-millimeter dynamic driver for richness and punch, as well as a balanced armature unit to deliver focus and sparkle Read More

Aug 10, 2023
Lame yet again. $112 on Amazon right now. Haven't seen a deal in years that competes with current promo pricing from Amazon or direct. Or something that's cheaper than they are on AliExpress, and yes, for genuine product. Add in the long wait, and this site just isn't relevant anymore. If anyone wants mine, let me know. $75 shipped if you're in conus. I've been using the Linkbuds S as of late. Probably have some new foam tips I can include as well.
Aug 10, 2023
crogsI couldn't agree with you more.
A dollar more than they are on the 1more website plus there’s an additional $15 Labor Day discount code available on their site. It’s nice to see that Drop is still clueless.
GuyInPittsburghHey@GuyInPittsburgh. Check out the $30 coupon that was just added.
SusanAAs the buying manager perhaps you should have taken the initiative to apply that rather than reacting to users voicing their concerns that Drop is a joke. Incidentally, with or without the coupon Drop is still a joke. Just saying.
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