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7HZ Legato Hi-Fi IEM

7HZ Legato Hi-Fi IEM

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Product Description
Named after the Italian music phrase legato meaning “smooth”, the Legato HiFi IEM 7HZ aims to deliver musically seamless audio across the full sound spectrum. That’s thanks to a custom dual-driver setup—consisting of a 12-millimeter and 6-millimeter dynamic driver—that adds body to the bass while maintaining definition and sparkle on the high-end Read More

Jun 7, 2023
These IEM's get used around 16 hours a week. I really like the sound coming out of these and am not using the stock cable. Sound signature is the same as my old school ADS and B&O speakers. And these IEM's behave as such. Meaning you need to provide them with power to get the drivers to shine. Anything less and these will not sound "right". These will push the bass and subbass if your music calls for it. These will not emphasize bass. However if you like to EQ for subbass, they will deliver when fed with power.
Jun 6, 2023
Headfonics review of the Legato "I would not describe the 7Hz Legato as a bass-oriented IEM or one I would automatically pick for beats and electronica genres. However, for gaming needs, this is going to be my recommendation for anyone who wants an in-ear design."
Jun 7, 2023
Marcus22687tbf, I’ve never come across a pair of iem’s under $200 that I’d consider picking for ‘bass-oriented beats’
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