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Astell&Kern AK380 Digital Audio Player

Astell&Kern AK380 Digital Audio Player

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Product Description
With the AK380 digital music player, Astell&Kern continues to deliver accurate, natural sound with the advanced features audiophiles want. The sleek, angled body is made of aircraft-grade duralumin, an aluminum alloy, while the back is made of carbon fiber with a holographic finish Read More

Sep 13, 2018
can someone tell me when it gonna have a drop? and how much it is? thx a lot
May 30, 2018
Joined the drop since the features seem to meet enough of my needs / use cases to justify the drop price: - excellent sound quality - support for very large music library (both storage capacity and UI that scales) - wireless access to NAS - supports streaming (Tidal) - bluetooth (not a must-have, but I'll likely use it *a lot*) - ability to use as USB DAC or source (another nice-to-have for me, but combined with streaming is interesting)
When used as a portable player, I expect to mostly drive CIEMs, so I'm not terribly concerned with amp performance; I can always get the amp module if I decide I want more headroom.
And as good (or "bad for the price") as the sound quality may be, I really don't expect this (or any) DAP to outperform the setups I already have for headphone / loudspeaker listening at home. The AK380 only has to do better than an iPod Classic with a dead battery and a phone with poor signal performance and a crappy data plan.
Jul 1, 2018
SpeleoFoolI've only had this player for a little over a week, but even in that short time it has made enough of an impression that I felt compelled to come back and say that I absolutely do not regret this purchase one bit.
My CIEMs are still in the works, so I have been listening through a pair of 6xx. The AK380 drives them acceptably well, and music is clear and enjoyable (more than a few "wow" moments). After reading quite a few good reviews on the 660 S, though, I auditioned a pair ... and bought them on the spot.
The 660 S presentation is much more forward and lively than the 650s, detail retrieval is fantastic and they're just a little bit easier to drive. They go plenty loud and sound better on the AK380 (without the amp module) than I ever imagined I'd hear full size cans sound outside of the house. Finally, I can take high-end sound on the go and show my friends what they've been missing. ;-)
I'm really glad I didn't let the negativity in this thread deter me from joining this drop. This player is certainly something special, and the drop was a good deal for this player.
May 30, 2018
It sounds good, works stable also looks good.
WORTH IT to buy.
May 29, 2018
May 28, 2018
Looking at this comment thread just makes me so fucking angery.
Like come on, lets just face it, the astell and Kern ak380 is a big piece of shit at $2000. Anyone who has a pair of working ears and a working brain will know that the ak380 is a big piece of shit at $2000.
In case you rich dumbasses protecting the ak380 cannot understand the meaning of $2000, this is what $2000 can buy you.
Dpx1a + Andromeda + $300 Zx300a + Andromeda + $500 Qp2r + $700
The qp2r can drive all headphones without an external amp with insane quality power, sounds like absolute heaven, comes with balanced and USB dac, and you still have $700 to blow on whatever fancy iem or cable you want, and oh yeah, it doesn't hurt your hand because its actually designed for humans to use.
To the other people comparing spects and shit, dude, you need to give the players a try. A shitty chifi dap with a totl dac chip ain't gonna beat a basic quality dac chip implemented properly.
Here are a few examples of good implementations of DACs in daps:
Onkyo dpx1a Sony wm1a, wm1z(shitty price), zx300 Questyle qp1r, qp2r
(Nice sound, shit price) Astell and Kern ak240, ak240ss, ak380 all models, sp1000
Good sources in general: Chord mojo, Hugo 2( I think, the price tag MAY be justified on this one) Ifi micro BL, nano BL
Alright iv let off steam. Yay.
But in all seriousness, audio is whatever floats your boat. If you really like that sound that something provides that you can't get elsewhere, just get it, disregard everyone else's opinion.
Because at the end of the day, its your ears and wallet, not mine.
Jun 1, 2018
Does Hitler like his German Shepherd?
Jul 4, 2018
Scarce97I have QP1R and AK380, and the Ak sounds better - and I didn't pay a ludicrous amount for it. I also tried the QP2R as I considered upgrading the QP1R, but I don't see the need, and it has less storage space.
Sound of Qp2r is probably the best of all Daps I've tried so far, but the product is honestly a hot mess STILL when it comes to UI/ controls and product flexibility. As an audiophile, obviously sound comes first, but for a thousand bucks, the least you can expect in 2018 is tidal streaming, touch screen and good battery life. I just use my questyle at home, and use my ak380 90% of the time on the go..
Just my two cents as a long term user of both products.
May 27, 2018
waiting for 2 new model upcoming next month from Astell & Kern. Who knows they might be better dap with less money?
May 27, 2018
khaja-724612Less DAP, Moar Money
May 25, 2018
I’m selling one in brand new mint condition, if anyone wants to save money :)
Jun 7, 2018
What’s wrong sour puss? It’s a luxury item but it’s a beautiful and functional piece. Don’t lurk these waters if you can’t afford it :)
Jun 8, 2018
dleblancI think you misunderstood. $1,500 would BE the luxury pricing. The MSRP is snake oil pricing.
May 25, 2018
Wish this had come along 2 weeks ago. I might have bought this instead of the sp1000 and saved some cash. The sp1000 is incredible though as is the ak380.
May 25, 2018
Someone call neil young, we finally found a form factor that is worse than "toblerone"; It's "offcenter aluminum brick".
May 25, 2018
PigmonkeYGet it right, it is duralumin just like the legendary adamantium material. This indestructible wonder material obviously justify the higher cost. None of that cheap aluminium stuff. Now all they need is to paint it yellow and make it obnoxious like the Pono.
May 30, 2018
swiftsword69Haha...that's what I wonder everytime I see a TF you fit it you pocket?
May 24, 2018
I dunno. I really like my Cayin N3 portable high res music player. The N3 focuses on sound quality over functions - it uses a high quality DAC, the ak4490 chip, found in much higher priced players (ahem!), and has a powerful enough headphone amp (powerful enough to make my HifiMan 400i and Sennheiser 6xx happy), with a selectable low/mid/high power range, to easily match with a wide variety of earphones and headphones. Bluetooth 4.0 apt-x is built in. It uses USB-C to charge and connect with a computer, has 12 hours battery life and 2 hr quick charge. It has an aluminum chassis and a textured pleather back, and comes with a squishy black silicone case. The N3 has no touch screen, using buttons on the sides and front of the the player with haptic feedback.  • Natively decodes DSD up to 256 (via headphone jack) • USB - can output unconverted DSD up to 128, or PCM up to 24bit 192kHz, to your home stereo DAC (if you would rather use your own DAC). This makes it a perfect DA transport. • Output impedance: 1 ohm • Output: 130mW + 130mW • SNR: 108dB; Dynamic Range 108dB • Gain: Low/mid/high switchable • Headphones: 16 - 200 ohm recommended (but I use my HifiMan and Sennies without a problem) • Screen: 2.4", 400x360 pixels • Storage: 0 onboard, up to 256gB via micro SD card • Sounds absolutely stunning and, oh, yeah, costs $200 C. That's right. $200 C.
 (about $150 US)
May 24, 2018
dimpossibilityDX150 and Cowon R are better than this dap.... Good for you that you like it, but there is better; much better!!!
May 24, 2018
Kyo9999Hi. Those are $500 US DAP. Mine is a $150 US DAP. I would hope they would be better! Yet, curiously, they use the same DAC; can be used as DA transports; and can store 256Gb of music per SD. I have no idea how they sound as I wouldn't consider spending that much on something that was only a DA portable player, let alone $2,000 on the A&K.
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