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Audio-Technica AD700X Headphones

Audio-Technica AD700X Headphones

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Designed to satisfy the most discerning music lovers, the Audio-Technica AD700X is a great choice for those who like the spacious quality of open-back headphones and the comfort necessary for long listening sessions.  The AD700x features a large 53-millimeter dynamic driver with rare-earth magnets and the company’s copper-clad aluminum-wire (CCAW) voice-coil technology for superior audio reproduction and an extremely wide frequency response Read More

Sep 23, 2022
So with the $7 addition of shipping costs, it's $11 more just to buy it from the manufacturer directly through Amazon and have it and full warranty in less than 48 hours. Whereas ordering here and "estimated" shipping isn't for 6 weeks, which means delivery is probably 7+ weeks out, to save $11.... hmmm.... Sorry, but a few reward points aren't worth it. Especially since I earn 5% cash back from my credit card when buying from Amazon, which is almost $6, making it a no brainer decision since then the price difference is $5 (plus way quicker delivery, buying from the manufacturer, Amazon's ease of returns, etc.)
Jul 31, 2022
No international shipping for this one?
Jul 30, 2022
Drop fixed the discussions and unmerged the AD500X with the AD700X discussions. Copy/Paste+Update of what I had to say about the AD700X since my hand was forced: The AD700X compared to the AD500X are a bit on the lean side for bass (like anemic) but better imaging, treble is increased (bright) and the big sound stage is retained. Competitive FPS shooter fans typically swear by the AD700X for its excellent sound stage and positioning. If you want a bit more bass and improvements in detail over the AD500X, the AD900X is going to be what you want vs the AD700X. So, AD900X has increased bass and treble/detail is tuned down a notch over the AD700X. Note: the bass isn't really anything to get excited about but is certainly an improvement over the others. So in short. Go with the AD500X if the AD series has you excited and your wallet can't cough up more. Go with the AD700X if bright treble and FPS gaming is your thing. Go with the AD900X which might be a bit more music friendly (can still game with it), the bump in bass and softening of the treble really helps here. Everyone's ears are different and you can EQ any of these headphones to your tastes, its just that there is a noticeable quality difference over the AD500X for either the 700X and 900X. I enjoy the 3D wing design because it doesn't mess with my hair, the headphone is super light and rests on my head for hours at a time with no discomfort or sliding around. This is not the case for everyone as some have mentioned that the headphone starts to slide down and they have to keep the 3D wings held together with a rubber band. The headphone cable is permanently attached, so do not expect to be able to replace it. It has plenty of length and is sturdy enough. The AD series does benefit from a dedicated dac/amp, although if all you have is your phone or desktop, it will 'sound' just fine. As always, make sure to check out reviews before you pull the trigger on anything to get a wide sampling of opinions. My tastes usually lean towards a brighter more bassy headphone. Between the AD500 to AD900series the AD900X suits my tastes better but I ended up upgrading/switching to the Philips Fidelio X2HR which takes the best of the AD900X and adds more bass. -Edit, spelling corrections.
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