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Audio-Technica P11997 Boom Arm With Mini USB Cable

Audio-Technica P11997 Boom Arm With Mini USB Cable

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Product Description
A microphone is only really helpful if it’s easy to access when you want to record—and the Audio-Technica P1197 Boom Arm With Mini USB Cable keeps your recording capabilities just a quick swivel away. Clamping to the desk to ensure stability—and built of rugged steel for minimal vibrations and wear—the P11997 boom arm is as sturdy as any stand its size Read More

Really disappointed in DROP for even allowing this garbage to be listed here.
Feb 2, 2023
This is ripped straight from aliexpress, I’m not sure how this made it on here
Feb 1, 2023
Is this the same as the other arms sold elsewhere that look identical? Because, if so, avoid this… especially for $40.
Feb 1, 2023
Mod Edit: Removed external link per Community Guidelines
(Edited by moderator HoffmanMyster)
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