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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance Speaker with GVA

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance Speaker with GVA

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Product Description
The Bang & Olufsen Beosound GVA Balance Speaker is a truly beautiful specimen—just begging to be put on a pedestal right in the center of your listening setup. Designed in a cylindrical pillar shape sitting on a beautifully wood-tone base, the Balance will serve as a both visual and sonic focal point in any space Read More

Oct 14, 2023
I recently got these speakers for review. They are awesome! I have the Mu-So 2 as well, and I prefer these. The dynamics and bass are just so much better than the Mu-So 2. I liked them so much that I will be purchasing a 2nd pair. I wrote a little review: Let me start off by saying this: I decided to purchase a 2nd set of B&O speakers. That should speak to how much I like them. I was a daily user of my Naim Mu-So 2 and the Beosound speakers have replaced them in my daily listening. They don’t do everything perfectly, but they are damn impressive, especially at the Drop discounted price of around $1400. This is around the same price as the Naim Mu-so 2 which I think is its biggest competitor. Setting up the B&O speaker was very easy. You just open up the B&O app, input your wifi, update the speakers and then quickly add them in the Google Home app. I wish I didn’t have to use 2 apps to set the speakers up, but it’s not really a big deal at all. The B&O app has some very helpful features, including automatic room correction and “on the fly” eq-ing. The room correction appears to work really well in my room, and everything sounds nice and correct. The speakers can get very loud and easily fill up my bedroom. I’m using 2 in stereo sound, and the first thing I noticed about the Beosound speaker sound was how much more bass it has than my Mu-So 2. Now, the bass can get a little muddy at times, but I think that is to be expected with speakers in this price range. I actually thought there was a little too much bass with the original settings, so I used the app to make for a “brighter” sound. The on the fly EQ adjustments are super impressive. You can very quickly and easily adjust brightness, warmth, energy, etc. You just move around a circle on the app.  The other thing I noticed quickly about the Beosound, compared to the Mu-So 2, is that the sound is brighter. I actually like brighter sound signatures, so this was a welcome addition. The highs are clear and mix well with the music I like to listen to in my room. The added bass, compared to the Mu-So 2 brings more body to the sound. Listening to the latest Swans album sounds amazing out of the B&O speakers. I’m more of a bass and treble-head, so I don’t focus in on mids as much. That said, the mids on these speakers is good. Guitars and voices sound great.  The imaging/soundstage could be a bit better, as the Beosound doesn’t have pinpoint imagining or anything like that. My Mu-so 2 also doesn’t have great imaging or a soundstage either. When you are dealing with just one speaker, or two speakers placed closely together, you’re just not going to get a good soundstage or pinpoint imagining. I think you need to invest in some more traditional 2 channel setups to achieve that. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing about the B&O speakers. These speakers are not meant to emulate a full 2 channel setup. They are basically quick and easy smart speakers. With that in mind, the B&O speakers fit the bill. They easily play albums, can fill up an entire room well, and they have great sound quality.   Another important part of speakers for me, is that they have to pass the sleep/dream test. I like to fall asleep to music and dream with music playing in the background. These speakers definitely pass that test. I’m able to have amazing dreams based upon my musical choices with these speakers.  The B&O speakers are also Roon and Tidal ready. I love using Roon, so it’s great that this feature is present. If it wasn’t, we’d have some problems! It also supports Spotify and the like, so if your bases are all covered with this smart speaker.  Now, on to some quick ratings/evaluations Bass: 7/10. The bass is impactful and full. Sometimes it can get a bit muddy, but it’s not a big issue. The speakers extend low and fill out the body of music well Treble: 8/10. The highs are really great with the B&Os. The brighter sound really brings out the details well Mids: 8/10. The mids are great with these speakers. Guitars and vocals sound rich and full Soundstage/Imagining: 7/10. The soundstage and imagining isn’t great with smart speakers like this, but it is to be expected Ease of Use: 9/10. Setting up the speakers is a breeze and the main B&O app is easy to use with useful features. You can quickly change settings and nothing is confusing at all.  Loudness: 10/10 With small smart speakers one has to worry about whether they will fill up your whole room with sound or not. These speakers do not have the problem at all. They can get very loud and still sound good. They can definitely fill a room with sound and not sound “small” or inadequate Overall: 8.5/10. Would I recommend buying these speakers if you are in the market for a small, convenient, smart speaker? Most definitely. I would choose the BeoSound over my Mu-So 2 in a heartbeat, and that is what I have done in my house. These are great little speakers and well worth the Drop asking price. The fact that I decided to buy a 2nd pair should speak volumes to just how much I like these speakers.
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