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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance Speaker with GVA

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance Speaker with GVA

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Product Description
The Bang & Olufsen Beosound GVA Balance Speaker is a truly beautiful specimen—just begging to be put on a pedestal right in the center of your listening setup. Designed in a cylindrical pillar shape sitting on a beautifully wood-tone base, the Balance will serve as a both visual and sonic focal point in any space Read More

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Nov 8, 2023
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Beosound Balance Review and Comparisons
I have already reviewed this speaker on amazon, so I will just copy it over here. Also, I have since bought another one for stereo, but am still figuring out how to set them up because my room is not in the right place currently. This review is only for a single speaker, and not both. Design- The design of this speaker is really good. The materials are gorgeous, and it all works very well. The aluminum is cold to the touch, and the wood looks great. It is really good to the eyes and hands if that makes sense. Sound- The sound of this speaker is really good. There is a lot of customization via the app, however my preference was -3 bass on the omni setting. The bass has great depth, and punch. With their push/push technology, there really is no vibrations coming from the exterior of the speaker, which is astonishing with how much is coming out of it. The sound is a little focused on the lower mids, so it does have some warmth which is nice. The highs are quite resolving, but lack a little sparkle which I would have appreciated. But no complaints because they are very well integrated to the midrange. I would not go past 65 percent volume, I am usually around 40-55 percent in my 350-400 sq ft living room. However it does get a little hot around the aluminum base on the bottom, but B&O says its normal so I won't worry about it. Comparisons vs Level and A5 Level- This is a great speaker for a smaller room. However it cannot compare to the Balance. It goes much lower, and has greater control and power in the sound. Also it is much more room filling. The Level is a great speaker for a smaller room, and still has a fabolus design. A5- This one is closer to the Balance in sound. It provides a better 360 experience, as well with going nearly as low. However it lacks the depth and scale that the Balance has. If you want a cheaper Balance then the A5 is perfect.
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