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Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD (2nd generation)

Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD (2nd generation)

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Product Description
The Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD are a pair of top-notch Bluetooth earphones with a few tricks up its sleeve—and the second generation brings with it a focus on a variety of different applications. With the Qualcomm cVc protocol and well-tuned microphones, Beyerdynamic promises that these earphones will transition perfectly between standard music listening, phone calls on the go, work calls, and even things like sports and podcasts Read More

Oct 5, 2023
Stopped working after two months of light use. No Drop warranty. Very disappointed.
Jul 14, 2023
Jul 15, 2022
The sound of these earphones is balanced and detailed, with no enhancements on the bass. There is an app to personalise the listening experience, recieved faster than but I felt only a slight difference after using the personalised settings (got more out of the in-app equaliser, it has 5 different options). Some wireless earbuds have a sort of annoying white noise, but these are reassuringly quiet when no sound is being played.
Jul 24, 2022
dfppmarfHow much were they? Worth the asking??? Cheers
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