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BLON is back with the popular BL-05 IEM in a new colorway with the same crisp audio characteristics. The new BL-05s features a striking green colorway, 0.78-millimeter two-pin connectors, and an ergonomic shell design Read More

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Oct 17, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming, Movies & TV
Music Genres:Electronic, Hip-hop, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Rock
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Visually striking, audibly decent
I'll keep it very short, since I'm not the best person for talking about audio fidelity. I've liked the BL-O5S since I picked them up a few years ago, but I've never been able to make them fit comfortably in my ears for longer than a few minutes. I've been through dozens of different size and different brand ear tips to try and find a pair that let me wear these for long listening sessions, but they always either hurt after a few minutes or spend the entire time desperately trying to crawl the way out of my ears and require constant re-adjustment. The sound, when the Blons stay in my ear, is very good for how much they cost.
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Nov 16, 2022
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great, preferred over BL03's
Of the 3 blon models I have, I wear these the most! They took what I disliked about the BL03's and made these feel more refined! Keep in mind, the BL-05 and BL-05S have different sounds!
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Jul 14, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Good for the money
These are good little IEMs for what you pay for these. Nothing particularly great about these, but perfectly serviceable with the added bonus that you won't lose sleep over these in case you lose them! If you're only looking to buy one set of earbuds, get something wireless. But these are great to start dabbling in the wired earphones (IEMs) world. Oh, and IEMs stand for In Ear Monitors, though almost nobody is doing much monitoring!
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Mar 11, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Never owned other models...
... to compare but these are decent sounding and I like the color. The stock cable is nicer than the typical ones. These are my daily work ones.
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Dec 5, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Finally got the Blon BL-05s IEM to work for me
Back on July 16 2021 I ordered BLON BL05S (without microphone) from DROP I don't normally write reviews.  And in fact this really is not a review about the BLON BL05S but about finding tips that work with my ears.  It was only when I finally found an ear tip which worked for my ears and these IEM then that I felt purchasing the BLON BL05S was not a waste. These are the first IEMS I have purchased.  I have used IEMS before as has anyone who has watched a movie on an airplane has.   Learning what IEM TIP would give a good seal on my ear and of those tips which would stay snuggly on the IEM Nozzle not coming off in the ear when removing the IEM took a bit of time to locate.  So I learned that I need tall or long (11mm) good sealing sound isolating small tips that stand tall on the IEM. A tip whose slotted connection is near the bottom allowing the tip to sit higher or taller on the short BLON BL05S IEM Nozzle cut the highs and boosted the bass. Versus  a tip whose slotted connection is near the middle or top allowing the tip to sit lower on the short BLON BL05S IEM Nozzle allowing the highs to come thru louder with less bass.  A tip having a slotted or grooved cutout which tightly securely conforms to the lip of the top of the IEM Nozzle worked best.   I also learned the need to clip the hair around the outside of the ear cancel if I wanted the IEMS to not slip out.  So I found a pair of TIPS that work for me and the BLON BL05S IEM.  The SPINFIT cp800 size small worked best.  And yes it took is a bit of a struggle to get the 3-4mm BLON BL05S Nozzle to fit the 2mm tip.   I did find a pair of small triple flange TIPS which worked(cut the treble and boosted the bass) but it had no grove to securely attach to the lip of the IEM Nozzle and as such the triple flange tip some times came off IEM remaining inside my ear when I removed the IEM.   No worries the triple flange tip was long enough such that I could pull it out with my fingers.   So if anyone know of any triple flange TIPS having a slotted grove for the IEM Nozzle to grip or slide into please state the make and model.  Tips are so important in getting the best out of your IEMS. I listen to PIPEDREAMS Pipe Organ a weekly 2 hours organ music program thru the BLON BL05s with SPINFIT cp800 small and enjoyed the Bass and Sub-bass produced.  Clarity and detail are strengths of this sometimes shrill IEM.  The ear hook cable securely supports the weight of these IEMS such that I can wear them all day long with limited itchiness. In the future I may try disposable foam tips with these IEMs. Would you recommend this product to a friend? Conditionally Yes Only if any future user of these BLON IEMS already have an idea of what tip works best for them.
Nov 17, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
My best pair of in ears
These are absolutely wonderful for the price. They sound great, although for some people the robin egg color may be a deal breaker. One complaint I have is that I got the version with the microphone and the 4 pole 3.5mm connector, and sometimes if it's not inserted just right into a jack that's designed for a 3 pole set of headphones, it will short and the sounds will be really quiet and muffled sounding until I pull out the connector slightly. But when they're working correctly they sound great. They're more like a flat reference headphone on the spectrum, so they're not really bassy. The ear pieces are made of metal so they feel nice and heavy in the hand. It makes them feel premium.
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Oct 10, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent IEMs
Excellent IEMs that are surprisingly detailed and open with a well balanced sound. They're very comfortable and the easiest IEMs I've tried, which isn't many, to position in ear. They come with a variety of silicone ear tips that I trialed a few to find a good fit. They really do need a good seal for the bass response, but after finding the right pair the bass is just perfect for me. The colour and design is very cool and reminds me of a 1950/60s style. The metal shell feels study and great build quality. The cable is ok and doesn't seem to tangle too much. No real negatives to mention except the colour might not be everyone's cup of tea and the bag that comes with it won't provide any protection from anything, but serves the purpose of holding it together. Highly recommend.
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Sep 21, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Sound couldn't be better
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Aug 9, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Good sound quality for the money
Earbuds are good but the wires broke after a few months of use. The earbuds also fall out fairly quickly but I've replaced both and its working good.
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Great value for money
The hype is real.
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