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BLON BL-B60 Headphones

BLON BL-B60 Headphones

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Product Description
The BLON BL-B60 headphones are an excellent choice for the listener who wants things to sound and look good. The BL-B60 features a custom, authentic walnut faceplate that has been carved and sculpted to fit each earcup—giving it an elegant, natural look Read More

Considering their modest price (~$60), I was thoroughly impressed with the sound of the first- and second-edition BLON B8 but only with a pad-swap. This new model BLON BL-B60 looks to have much-approved stock pads, and the headband system has been updated to one based on the design of BLON B20. I'm intrigued... and might have sprung for the classier-looking 'black' version if Drop's discount had been somewhat greater than 10% . But honestly, I'm more than satisfied with my currently line-up of closed-back headphones - including a ZMF-pad-swapped Focal Elegia - so I'll hold off on these for now.
Nov 19, 2021
So much oppoty in one picture. Waiting for the reviews to letmusicburn.
Nov 19, 2021
Not in terms of build quality, but they look like they could compete with the 99s. Anyone have experience with them yet?
BluHoodyWell they certainly are about as light as the 99s at any rate.
Nov 20, 2021
BluHoodyI had a blon once and I would never compare them to the 99s, lower quality in building and sound, ok for 60 bucks...
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