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Mar 10, 2016
Sorry, I shouldn't have said wirelessly because the music device must be connected by cables to the Dacport and a powered USB port. But you can use an AC or battery powered USB hub to untether it from your laptop or PC. I suppose if you have Bluetooth headphones it could be sorta wireless. I use a Mobil It 4-port AC powered USB hub, a Lightning to USB camera apapter(iPhone), USB to Mini USB cable and a USB to Micro-USB cable. You will need a USB camera adapter if using iOS devices, but not sure about other devices. This allows you to play audio through the charging port instead of 3.5mm headphone jack. All you do is plug the music device into the mini-USB PC port on the USB hub and plug the Dacport into one of the powered USB ports with a micro-USB to USB cable. Plug the USB port to a wall outlet or use a battery pack(must be powerful enough to power the Dacport). Plug headphones to Dacport and you're good to go!
Mar 10, 2016
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