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Mar 23, 2017
I currently own the Lyra II that I purchased from a fellow head-fi member who had purchased them new from the prior Massdrop offering around Thanksgiving.  They are the best sounding universal IEMS that I have listened to (but I will try both the CA Dorado and Vega at Axpona 2017 next month so my opinion may be subject to change).  Their small foot print makes the Lyra II extremely comfortable for extended listening sessions and the Lyra II's more laid back sound also means I can listen to them for hours without ear fatigue.  I also own a pair of Shure SE846s which have four balanced armature drivers and even though the Lyra II is less expensive and only has a single beryllium dynamic driver I prefer the Lyra II to my SE846.  It may depend more on how the manufacturer implements the drivers being used rather than the number of drivers.  So more drivers doesn't necessarily equate to better sound.  Just my two cents worth. 
Mar 23, 2017
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