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Cayin HA-1AMK2 EL84EH Tube Headphone Amplifier

Cayin HA-1AMK2 EL84EH Tube Headphone Amplifier

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Product Description
The Cayin HA-1AMK2 EL84EH Tube Headphone Amplifier is a warm-sounding (and looking) desktop headphone amp that delivers an impressive response for over-ear audio. Outfitted with five vacuum tubes—one 12DT5 for power regulation, two 12AU7 for signal handling, and two EL84 power tubes to push out the tone—the HA-1 mark 2 is truly well-rounded in the richness department Read More

Apr 1, 2023
I've had a Cayin CS-55A integrated amp for a couple years and I love it. I use it primarily for headphone listening - Focal Elear and Audeze LCD-2. If the HA-1AMK2 will be a significant improvement over the CS-55A headphone output, I will jump on this in a second. Cayin makes great products at a very reasonable price point. But I can't find specs for the headphone output of the CS-55A anywhere. Does anyone have a sense of how the HA-1AMK2 will compare to the headphone output on the CS-55A? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
PursewardenThe CS-55A likely provides higher power output. The headphone jack is more or less directly wired to the 8Ω terminals. Even in triode mode, the push pull of EL34/KT88 is going to have a lot more juice than a single ended EL84. Assuming my ohms law math isn't overly wrong, we're talking something like 4-10 watts (depending on triode/pentode mode and if the resistors on the headphone jack pcb are in line with the signal or are for dealing with floating a ground) for 32Ω cans. The HA-1MK2 likely will sound better with sensitive cans than the CS-55A. Probably a lot more euphonic, with all those extra harmonics not getting cancelled out.
Mar 31, 2023
does it have a dac too? Any pairing recommendation?
Mar 31, 2023
TCPMits just an amp I think
I've had my eye on this amp for a few months, but at the same time I also want to try to build up a truly balanced setup. Having too many choices is both the greatest advantage and the most perplexing drawback of this (and many, many other) hobbies (and then, if I get this amp, there is all the tube rolling!). At some point I really need to win the lottery or something.
Very nice headphone amplifier this, just be aware that the 12DT5 tube it eats as a power/voltage regulator is not overly easy to find. It is definitely not current production, and as it isn't a darling of the audiophile crowd, none of the usual stores tend to carry it. You're more or less stuck looking at places like eBay. If you buy this amp, make sure to scrounge up enough of 12DT5 to last you the full expected life of the amplifier. Otherwise when it fails, you're absolutely screwed as the unit becomes a brick. The other tubes it uses are common and easy to find both NOS and current production.
Mar 28, 2023
Faynehow many of those tubes should be gotten? I listen about 3 hours a day and this will be my first tube amp.
spyronightMinimum estimate at 3 hours a day usage is around 3 years before the tube starts to lose it's mojo. It might last much longer depending on how hard the amp is using it and the randomness of tubes just straight lasting longer. I'd say get two or three. That should give you 6-9 years minimum. They aren't overly expensive, they're just not super easy to find. You absolutely want them tested and NOS (new old stock).
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