Cold Steel Trench Hawk Combat Tomahawk
Cold Steel Trench Hawk Combat Tomahawk
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Product Description
Cold Steel has become known for its brutally strong tools and knives. The Trench Hawk is no different Read More
A Strong Multi-Use Axe in 3 Colors

Cold Steel has become known for its brutally strong tools and knives. The Trench Hawk is no different. Featuring a beastly axe head made from 1055 steel, this Tomahawk has the size to do damage in the field, in combat, and in the backwoods. The front side features a 3.5-inch cutting edge, while the backside has a sharp, tapered point for close-quarters combat and other tasks. To keep you from dropping it, it’s got a tough polypropylene handle. Overall, the axe measures 19 inches, which is plenty big enough for tough jobs. The patented, articulated sheath that comes with it makes for easy carry on the move.

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Color Options
  • Cold Steel
  • Head material: 1055 steel
  • Cutting edge: 3.5 in (8.9 cm)
  • Handle: Polypropylene
  • Overall length: 19 in (48.3 cm)
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Patented articulated Secure-Ex sheath

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8 Month Update after tons of use: I've carried this on camping trips, long LONG hikes in the Appalachians last summer and this thing is great! It's lighter to carry than a traditional hatchet, it swings better than my father-in-laws older traditional hatchet, stays sharp and durable for what I've used it for. This was a great addition to my Kit!! My only concern for long term use - the polymer handle flexes and seems to fatigue after many uses. I feel this handle will need to be replaced sooner than later. Thankfully they've known that and offer handles separate from the hatchet head. I've made a purchase of said handle from MidWayUSA as backup when it DOES eventually crack/weaken. This handle IS THE WEAKEST LINK! But that's the same thing with all traditional wooden handled hatches, but just not requiring a replacement within 1 or 2 years of nominal usage. Still love it! Overall Rating: 8.5/10 -1 point for the sheath. The sheath seems cool at first. After your first attempt of removing it and putting it back on you see the issues. If you strap it to your pack or wherever you put it (on my pack, left side, secured via mollie webs), you will soon find you can't easily undo the sheath to remove the hatchet without seriously practicing that move. You need to see it and have 2 free hands to fumble around with it and also to re secure it in its sheath. Would much rather have a leather clamshell sheath held closed with 2 snaps, making it easier to 'pull out' the hatchet for use. -0.5 point for sharpness. While it was 'sharp' out of the box, it need some work for a true edge. An edge worthy to destroy foliage and clearing branches/brush with a single swing. It's sharp as hell now! This tool will not replace a proper matchette out in the bush, a matchette won't chop firewood like this. Having both makes for a more complete kit. If this comes back to I would buy another 2, 1 for my father-in-law and my wife.
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