Creative Sound Blaster X7 DAC/Amp Combo

Creative Sound Blaster X7 DAC/Amp Combo

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Creative spared no expense in putting together the Sound Blaster X7 DAC/amp. With an impressive list of features, this desktop-ready device touts 24-bit 192kHz audio playback, a 100-watt loudspeaker amplifier, SB-Axx1™ multi-core DSP, a high-end headphone amplifier, and even an ADC (analog-to-digital converter) for recording audio into your computer Read More

Jan 3, 2021
Should I buy the SB x7 or get the schiit modi 3 and magni heresy stack. Which will be better for purely competitive gaming, pure fps. Not music, not story games like witcher etc. I am talking csgo, rainbow, etc. I need a fast answer because the x7 is on sale and will only be $100 more than the schiit stack. Money is not an issue. I just want which ever is better.
Mar 28, 2019
I just added sparkos op amps (SS3601/SS3602) to this and it's now on par with my THX AAA 789 I kid you not!
May 7, 2019
For Line out(Left and Right only) and each Headphone amp out, each separately, do u need a single SS3601, or Dual SS3601 /SS3602? Thanks!
Sep 7, 2020
I use both! Sounds epic!
Sep 20, 2018
New issue with the LE, it's picking up the mics and feeding it through the audio. It goes away when the the USB is removed from the computer. And I fixed it once by "hard booting" both the computer and the device.
Are there any fixes? It seems like a software thing.
Edit: Totally a software thing. Turns out the Test in the Crystal Voice keeps turning on when it gets exited in the app in bluetooth. The software on the computer will show it off, and toggling it on and off will work for about 5 seconds. The trick was to pair it in bluetooth, turn off the mic test and turn off the sound blaster.
Dec 18, 2018
Did this fix it forever or just one time for you? I've had mine for years now and I basically cannot boot mine without headphones plugged in; about once a week it will start up with volume set to 100 and the mics automatically feeding their audio back out - net impact being that a pin dropping will put my speakers on the path to blowing out.
Dec 21, 2018
It re-occurs every few months. But now I know the fix to my unique problem. Try pairing it with the phone (with headphones plugged in) and adjust the settings in app. Then when they're set correctly power off the DAC via it's power button. It should reset.
May 16, 2018
Sound Blaster X7 or Joutenheim for gaming?
May 19, 2018
Sound Blaster X7
Feb 17, 2018
It's an Abomination! Of course I'm only referring to its looks, not it's function--but isn't that what's really important?
Feb 17, 2018
The app in the iPhone X is just unusable, I had to use an Android phone to change the settings. (Just in case someone was planning on using an iPhone X as remote)
Feb 15, 2018
I have a question about it's recording capabilities. I'd really appreciate it if an owner could help me out. I'm hoping to use the ADC to digitize vinyl to 24/192 when connected to my preamp via RCA. The user guide specs say " 24-bit recording sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz, 192 kHz" But " 24-bit Analog-to-Digital conversion of analog inputs at up to 96 kHz sample rate" The first quote suggests that it could be done at 192khz, but the second contradicts that. Analog conversion being limited to 96khz under all circumstances does seem to be the better interpretation. However, it's possible that recording to a computer with the correct driver does support a higher sample rate, whereas plugging an iphone into the line in and playing back in real time through the headphone jack does not. (Doing that might make sense if you wanted to use EQ or clearvoice). The ADC chip used supports 192khz conversion, so I'm wondering if anyone has experience with recording to a computer at the higher samplerate.
I can get a cheaper audio interface that certainly allows 192khz recording, but the X7 offers some additional features that justify the higher price.
Feb 12, 2018
Am I missing something? Its 295 on Amazon with free 2 day shipping?
Feb 14, 2018
If anyone wants the LE version, Amazon stopped having price parity with this drop about a day ago, so MD is your only current choice pricewise. The standard X7 is actually cheaper on Amazon for now, as you say.
One reason to join this drop: if Amazon runs out of stock at the reduced price (which often happens) and you still need an X7 LE.
I'd leap on the Amazon X7 or the MD LE if the features weren't long in the molar (e.g., no DSD) and the hardware didn't rely on X7-specific computer/smartphone software. It makes me nervous when I approach the end-of-life cycle of an OS-specific product and the software can become outdated, but I can't adjust certain parameters with the hardware alone.
Which is a pity because the gaming features and I/O simultaneity look fun. Sadly, I haven't been using my PS4 munch o' late because I've had music and writing deadlines.
I love the fact you can use both of the X7's headphone outs simultaneously. That can be handy if your grillfiend likes to play games and/or gape at flicks late at night when the naybs might complain.
Feb 12, 2018
I have been using this for a couple years now. At this point I'm regularly using it with my Sennheiser HD700 and Beyerdynamjc Amiron Home headphones, along with my Sound Blaster XM7 book shelf speakers. I use the Bluetooth and built in equalizer and SBX functions everyday and the only things I definitely don't use are the mic functions and the scout mode. This is a great amp/dac.
Hey there!
Did you by any chance just do the latest Windows update?
Microsoft changed the surround recognition settings once again and it defaults units to Stereo.
Here's how you can get the X7 to be recognized as a surround device again:
(copied over from a similar issue on the Sound BlasterX Katana drop page)
------------------ In you system tray right click on the Speaker icon. Then instead of clicking on Sound Settings (where you think it would be!), click on Sounds. Then click the Playback tab. Then highlight the X7 (will be listed as a "Speakers" option). Then click the Configure button in the lower left hand side of the Window. The options to choose the X7 as a Stereo or 5.1 device will appear. This will ensure that Windows is recognizing the X7 as a 5.1 device.
Hope this helps!
Jun 18, 2018
Hi Ryan, Thanks for taking the time for answering me. I did what you suggested but windows did actually recognize the X7 as a 5.1 device. It showed the 5.1 speaker config and allowed me to test them. They all played the music during the test, except for the rear speakers, the same as when I did the test through the X7 control panel or cellphone app. Further testing actually allowed me to realize that there is a very minor sound outputting through the rear speakers, only perceptible when I turn up the volume to the max (they are powered bookshelf speakers). Is there any chance the dedicated amplifier for the rear speakers 3.5 jack output blew in the X7? Is it something that can be replaced? Thanks!!
Feb 12, 2018
There is no reason to buy it from Massdrop. Creative is selling it for 299,- Besides, the mic-input seems to be bad, unfortunately. Still looking for a DAC with a good working mic-input for Windows and macOS.
Feb 12, 2018
ModMic4. I am switching between Mac and Windows and I don't want to switch all USB peripherals every time.
@Xyzac Maybe a solution, but yes, a bit pricy. Thank you!
Feb 12, 2018
I find that the mic input works great, but the array not so much. I use mine mostly for gaming and it requires a BT-W2 Bluetooth adapter to function since optical is one way. Using an antlion modmic with mine
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